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Three teenage boys run across freeway during peak-hour

Three teenagers have narrowly avoided causing a major traffic accident after they dashed across a four-lane freeway, forcing a truck driver to slam on his brakes.

Video shows the teenagers running across two lanes to the concrete median barrier - where they hesitate as cars speed past them before they sprint across the final two lanes.

A truck in the peak-hour rush slams on the brakes and grinds to a halt in front of the last teenager - a split second later and he would have collided with boy.

The short video was filmed by a pedestrian on an overpass of the Kwinana Freeway south of Perth and shared to Reddit on Thursday night.

'No way. How dumb are they?' a voice can be heard saying on the video.

The freeway dash is understood to have happened last Friday about 5.40pm.

On Thursday, WA Police appealed to the public for anyone that might have Dashcam footage of the incident as they believed the teenagers could be linked to burglary.

'Around 5.30pm the boys are believed to have committed a burglary on a house in Fyfe Circle, [which] runs adjacent to the Freeway,' a Facebook post by Fremantle police said.

'They were seen carrying a case that was stolen from the house when they ran across the Kwinana Freeway and across the railway line.

'This was reported to police by a witness travelling on the southbound carriageway of the Freeway.'

Anyone who might have information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Three teenagers were filmed sprinting across a Perth freeway in peak hour traffic narrowly avoiding getting hit (pictured) 

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