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Thousands of Haitians are crammed together in cramped Mexican center after being forced back from US

Up to 50,000 migrants are trapped in a Mexican detention centers after being detained by the country's national guard, only a thousand miles away from Texas. 

Thousands of migrants have been put on buses in the opposite direction of the US and sent to Tapachula, near Guatemala. 

Mexican national guard troops and immigration agents arrived at basketball courts and on the streets where many rain soaked and tired migrants stopped to sleep, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Mexican detention centers are dead ends for many migrants, who now have to figure out how to break out to continue their journey to the United States. 

Up to 50,000 migrants are trapped in Mexican detention centers after being put on buses and sent to Tapachula to avoid them moving toward the US border 

Many said they are looking for ways to break out of these centers to continue their journey to the US border 

Migrants line up for breakfast after Mexico suggested the migrants camping out along the border to return to the Mexican side to avoid deportation. The Biden Administration has started deportation flights again 

Half of the migrants in the camps are Haitian, with another 19,000 mostly Haitian migrants following them from Colombia. 

These migrants have already had to travel through the Darien Gap - a dangerous jungle where migrants face drug traffickers, snakes, heavy rainfall, and steep ravines. 

The bottleneck in Tapachula has been caused by immense pressure from the US against Mexico to keep migrants away from the US border, according to the Los Angeles Times. 

Over 250,000 Haitians have left their homeland since the 2010 earthquake, and the migration increase recently spiked as Chile and Brazil's economy declined since the pandemic, where many migrants were living.

Now, the US is putting pressure on Mexico again. The Trump Administration threatened high tariffs if the country didn't stop the northward flow of migrants, which they complied too. Now the Biden Administration - who hasn't announced their plan publicly -  experts say his approach is similar, according to the Los Angeles Times. 

Many migrants face shelter and lack of food problems as many Haitian migrants don't have legal authorization to work in Mexico

Mexico is encouraging migrants to come back to the country and seek asylum at the Guatemala border instead of risking deportation at the US border. Mexico is not currently deporting Haitians back to their country, although they have limited spaces to keep them   

'They are still relying on Mexico to prevent people from getting to the U.S.-Mexico border,' Jessica Bolter, an analyst at the Migration Policy Institute told the Los Angeles Times. 

Now the Mexican National Guard is wearing riot gear and immigrants agents are helping them block roads leading north. 

Migrants stuck in Mexico face unemployment, as most don't have legal authorization to work, and are struggling to find shelter and food. 

'There is no work, no money, no way to survive,' Jean Edelince, 36 told the Los Angeles Times. 'There is no life for us in Tapachula.' 

The US border has set up bus gates to process migrants into the US at Del Rio, Texas. More than 30,000 migrants have entered Del Rio since September 9

More than 12,000 are having their cases heard and 5,000 being processed at the border

Edelince has been in Tapachula for months and wife and young daughter and lives with 60 others Haitians in a cramped house with one bathroom and little running water. 

For those who can make it to the US and obtain refugee status, they can start over. Meanwhile, many Haitians don't qualify for refugee status are being deported back to Haiti. 

Mexico is currently not deporting Haitians back to their country, but they also don't have the spaces to house them. The country is encouraging migrants gathering at the US border to retreat and seek asylum to the US at the Guatemala border after Biden ordered deportation flights to begin again. 

Nearly 30,000 migrants have made their way to Del Rio, Texas, since September 9.  

Child sleeps surrounded by family instead of the detention center 

Children and families are waiting to cross the US border and seek asylum in the US

Another 19,000 other migrants are following those trapped in Mexico, but are currently stuck in Colombia waiting on boats to Panama on their way to the US

Two-thousand have been expelled on 17 flights, 8,000 have returned to Haiti voluntarily, 12,400 are having their cases heard and 5,000 being processed as of today. 

That leaves 2,600 missing. Officials have said some have returned to Mexico.  

It comes after President Joe Biden on Friday vowed the border agents on horseback who tried to stop migrants crossing the into the US will 'pay' and face the ‘consequences’ of their actions. 

However the photographer who took the controversial images said the border agents did not whip the Haitian migrants – after it was wrongly and widely reported that they did. 

The acting Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection told staff in an email on Friday that he was 'shocked' by the images of border patrol on horseback blocking migrants. 

'Along with many of you, I was shocked by the images from Del Rio of Horse Patrol Units that have dominated the media in recent days. What those images appear to portray is terrible and is not who we are,' he wrote in his email.  

He went on to tell his staff that he was 'proud' of their organization, but that they will 'rise to the highest standard.'  

Another 19,000 migrants, mostly from Haiti, are congregating in northern Colombia as they wait to cross the Gulf of Uraba by boat to Acandi where they will take a dangerous route on their way to the United States border.  

Nine migrants have been found dead, including one child, in the Darien Gap after heavy rainfall swept them away, adding to a total of 41 bodies found in the dangerous jungle.

Yet, some migrants have been stranded for weeks waiting on a boat in Necocli, Colombia, but boats can only accommodate 250 ticketed passengers a day, according to France 24. 

They risk the same fate as the other migrants as they make the dangerous and long journey to the US

Many Haitians don't qualify for refugee status in the US and risk being sent back to Haiti on deportation planes or get stuck in detention centers 

Colombia's human rights ombudsman Carlos Camargo reported 19,000 undocumented immigrants in the town of 45,000. 

A reported 11,500 people have managed to buy a boat ticket to leave Colombia by October 13 and are currently camping out in rented homes and rooms, as well as camping out on the beach. 

Camargo reported that the remaining 7,500 who were unable to obtain a ticket are now resorting to 'illegal' forms of crossings. 

More than 80,000 migrants have crossed the Colombia-Panama border illegally this year and even after traversing the dangerous jungle, they still face challenges on their way to the US border. 

A migrant sits on the plane waiting for deportation. The US authorities have allegedly put pressure on Mexico to keep the migration northward away from the border 

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