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Thom Tillis dresses his pup up as Kyrsten Sinema during his annual Capitol Hill dog costume party

Lawmakers paraded their dogs on Capitol Hill Wednesday for Senator Thom Tillis' third-annual dog costume party, which featured his own pups dressed as Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Mitch McConnell.

The fun break came as lawmakers continued to struggle to strike a deal on President Joe Biden's Build Back Better agenda – coming to odds over multiple measures in the social spending and welfare package.

One dog was dressed in an orange construction vest with black words written across the back reading: 'Bark Back Better.'

California Representative Sara Jacobs brought her dog Nan into the office on Wednesday dressed as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is also from California.

Senator Thom Tillis hosted his third-annual dog costume party at the Capitol on Wednesday. Here he prepares for the parade with his pups Theo (left) dressed as Seantor Kyrsten Sinem and Mitch (right) dressed as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

Tillis walks Theo and Mitch in the parade of dogs at the Hart Senate Office Building on Wednesday

The North Carolina Republican holds up Mitch so viewers could get a better look during the pup parade on Wednesday

One dog was dressed as Paris Hilton, after she visited the Capitol last week to urge passage of the Accountability for Congregate Care Act. The pup is wearing a blonde wig, a pink sweater and a plaid skirt

'Nancy Pawlosi is in today and has many thoughts about the build bark better plan,' Jacobs' office said along with an image of her pup sitting at a desk in a small brown wig, a powder blue suit and pearls.

Senator Tillis, the Republican senator from North Carolina who hosts the 'bipawtisan' Halloween party, brought both of his dogs for the pomp and circumstance on Wednesday.

His six-month old pup Theo was dressed as Senator Sinema donning a purple wig, leggings that matched the zebra-print coat she wore to the swearing in of Arizona Representative Mark Kelly and a pink 'Dangerous Creature' t-shirt.

Tillis said he ran the costume idea by Sinema beforehand, 'She laughed and said, 'Of course.'' 

Theo was dressed in a purple wig, leggings that matched the zebra-print coat Sinema wore to a 2020 swearing in ceremony and a pink 'Dangerous Creature' t-shirt. Here Theo mingles with another dog dressed as Mr. Incredible from Pixar's 'The Incredibles' 

California Representative Sara Jacobs brought her dog Nan into the office on Wednesday dressed as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is also from California

The Pelosi puppy doppelganger 'speaks' to press at the Hart Senate building on Wednesday

Lawmakers and staff sit on the Hart Senate Office Building during the third-annual Congressional Dog Costume Parade on October 27, 2021

Some owners had their dogs make political statements, like this one in an orange construction vest with a play on Biden's agenda: 'Bark Back Better'

This dog was dressed as Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from the Met Gala, when she wore a white dress with the phrase 'Tax the Rich' written in red lettering. This dog's garb reads 'Tax the Cats' instead

This dog had a similar message but was dressed as Uncle Same with the sign: 'I want you to Tax the Rich' 

Other dogs had less politically charged costumes. Here a pup is dressed as a hot dog and another as Mr. Potato Head

Sinema is a centrist Democrat who is one of the two senators who is keeping the social spending package at a stand still after requiring along with Senator Joe Manchin that the cost be cut from $3.5 trillion to $1.75 trillion.

The dog dressed as Sinema comes as the Arizona senator received a slew of backlash this week for wearing a vest jean jacket with a black short-sleeve t-shirt underneath on the floor of the Senate chamber. 

Tillis' other dog, a cocker spaniel and poodle mix named Mitch, was dressed in a suit jacket and white wig in honor of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

'If we can find Nancy, we ought to get them to meet,' Tillis said on Wednesday, according to Roll Call.

Another lawmaker's dog was dressed as Paris Hilton, who visited the Capitol last week to urge passage of the Accountability for Congregate Care Act, which is an effort to reform the multi-billion-dollar 'troubled teen industry'.

The puppy version of Hilton was wearing a blonde wig, pink sweater and black and pink plaid skirt. The dog also wore a sign around its neck with an image of its human doppelganger with hearts and the quote, 'Legislation is hot,' which Hilton said during her trip to Washington, D.C. last week. 

Utah Senator Mitt Romney's dog was dressed as a frenchman named 'Pierre Doglecto,' a play on the Republican's infamous anonymous Twitter account with name 'Pierre Delecto'

'Legislation is Hot': The pup dressed as Paris Hilton's sign reads after she said that phrase when visiting Washington, D.C. last week

Utah Senator Mitt Romney's dog was dressed as a frenchman, with a red beret and black and white striped shirt.

The pup was supposedly dressed as 'Pierre Doglecto,' a play on the Republican senators anonymous Twitter account 'Pierre Delecto.' Romney admitted in October 2019 to being behind the account that often defended the senator and criticized Donald Trump.

Romney is a French speaker from his days as a Mormon missionary.

One little pup was dressed as Uncle Sam with a sign reading, 'I want you to tax the rich'. Another wore a white cape reading, 'Tax the Cats,' a hat tip to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's white Met Gala dress with 'Tax the Rich' written in red letters. 

Many other dogs were dressed in less referential and politically-charged outfits, like a hot dog, Mr. Potato Head, Woody from 'Toy Story' and Mr. Incredible from 'The Incredibles.'

A pair of doodles came dressed as Princess Leia and Darth Vader from 'Star Wars'.