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This is exactly what the 'perfect' school lunchbox should look like

Experts have weighed in on what constitutes a healthy packed lunch for school children – and protein and carbohydrate rich foods are essential. 

According to the experts your kids should have a carbohydrate-based food in their lunchbox every day.

This could include pasta, rice, bread or potatoes - slow release carbohydrates help to stabilise blood sugar levels and fill hungry bellies.

Experts have weighed in on the 'perfect' school lunch box, and there should be carbohydrates, protein and fresh fruit and vegetables like in this box

Experts said protein like meat and cheese, and lots of fruit and vegetables is best - this lunchbox would also get a tick of approval 

Yoghurt and cheese are also great lunch box fillers - as they contain protein and calcium for growing bodies. 

Other high-protein foods such as fish, eggs, lean meat, tofu and baked beans should also be present.

There should also be easy-to-eat fruit or vegetables, like pre-peeled oranges, grapes, tomatoes or snow peas.

Pre-packaged snacks are okay occasionally - but most are not healthy enough to be included every day.

Water is the best drink for children - but milk is also good. Juice, cordial and fizzy drinks which are high in sugar should be avoided.  

Yoghurt, pictured top left, is a great addition to a child's lunchbox - they said 

What does the ideal school lunchbox contain?

* WHOLEGRAIN OR SOURDOUGH BREAD: Slow release carbohydrates help to stabilise blood sugar levels.

* PROTEIN: Lean meat, salmon, tuna, egg or tofu will help with alertness and endurance.

* HEALTHY FATS: Things like sunflower seeds, avocado and pumpkin seeds increase satiety, help to stabilise kids' moods and boost their concentration.

* VEGETABLES X 2-3: Foods such as capsicum, carrot, mashed potato and cucumber contain fibre, vitamins and minerals kids need to keep their immune systems healthy.

This dad's protein and carbohydrate loaded lunch is perfect for the playground 

Mini cucumbers, mini carrots, mini tomatoes and other things are good to include in lunchboxes

Lunchboxes need to be kept cool - especially if the summer time as dangerous bugs can grow quickly in warm, moist environments.

cooked meat, yoghurt, cheese and eggs can all be frozen to insure they are kept cool all day.

Freezer packs and frozen water bottles are also useful and some schools have fridges for children to use. 

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