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The sister of man, 41, who disappeared on trip to Paris in 2013 makes fresh appeal

The sister of a British man who disappeared on a sightseeing trip to Paris in 2013 has made an emotional appeal for answers eight years on. 

Sanjiv Kundi, a 41-year-old-man from Leamington Spa, who bought a return ticket to the French capital, was last sighted on CCTV at Gare du Nord station.

Since then, there has been no contact from Sanjiv with friends or family, and his bank card remains unused.

Speaking on The Missing Podcast, his sister Pip talks about the pain of losing her brother but says she believe 'someone knows the answer.'

'I want to hope that it triggers something in somebody and they come forward and and at least give my parents and the rest of my siblings some peace to move on with their lives,' she said. 'Their lives are sort of in limbo as well.'

'I would say, just pick the phone up or email. Whatever you know, you don't even have to give your name. It's just a case of any lead. Any information may lead us to knowing a little bit more about what happened, if he needs help, or if he's okay.'  

The sister of British man Sanjiv Kundi (pictured), a 41-year-old-man from Leamington Spa, who disappeared on a sightseeing trip to Paris in 2015 has made an emotional appeal for answers

No use of his bank cards, no trace on the mobile phone, and no sightings all combines to one huge hole in the mystery of what happened to Sanjiv. Pictured, with sibling Satvir

In the mid-2000's, Sanjiv found himself out of work and, finding it hard to pay the bills, he moved back home with his parents. 

Pip says it the move had an impact on Sanjiv's health and remembers he was finding it tough.

'I suppose it's the same with anybody when you lose your job and can't buy the things or do the things that you wanted to do. You see everybody else is getting on and think what am I supposed to be doing with my life? There was a bit of pride in there, I suppose, as well.' 

For a while, Sanjiv was prescribed medicine to help him through, but according to Pip, by 2013 things were improving.


Date of Disappearance: September 25th 2013

Age at time of disappearance: 42

Last known whereabouts: Paris, France

Who can Help: Were you in Paris, in September 2013? Did you see Sanjiv? Or could you have any photos or videos that Sanjiv could be in the back of?

Did you meet Sanjiv in London, just prior to his visit? Are you aware of any plans he had to get a job? Or anything that could have prompted his visit to France?  

He was even looking forward to a short holiday - a trip to Paris - to take in the sights. 

While it seemed to be a fairly impromptu trip, organised just a few days before, after Sanjiv had come back from a day trip to London, Pip and her family were just pleased it was a sign he seemed in better spirits.

Little did they realise that when Sanjiv left home to board the train - it would be the last time they'd see him.  

And so, on the 25th of September 2013, Sanjiv set off early on his way to France.

'So we know he leaves on the 25th of September from Warwickshire and heads down to Marylebone,' explained Pip. 'From Marylebone he goes off to St. Pancreas. 

He's seen going through CCTV the police have picked up, that he went through the turnstile at St. Pancreas.' 

He boards the train to Paris and he arrives at the Gare du Nord at about 8 o'clock on the day he leaves his home.' 

But while the journey from Warwick to London, and then across to Paris is a simple one, the times of each leg of the journey leave some big holes.  

It takes less than 90 minutes to travel from Warwick to London Marylebone  - meaning even if Sanjiv had walked, taken a taxi or underground to St Pancreas station, it would've taken no more than an hour.

Then - there was the journey to Paris, taking two hours and twenty minutes.

So with a total journey time of five hours, plus another hour for the change of time zone in France, if Sanjiv left his house early but didn't arrive in Paris until 8pm, where did he go for the rest of the day? 

'We have witnesses who sat with him on the train and said he kept himself to himself,' said Pip. 'And they saw him get off at the Gare du Nord as well. So we definitely know he got there.'

Sanjiv Kundi (pictured) was last sighted on CCTV at Gare du Nord station, and since that time there has been no contact from Sanjiv with friends or family, and his bank card remains unused

Then, 13 hours later, there was another sighting of Sanjiv back at Paris' main train station.

'So on the 26th of September at 9:35am, he goes back to the Gare du Nord at the Euro star desk where it is alleged he made an in-person cash booking for homeward travel for the 1st of October, however, there is no CCTV,' said Pip. 

She continued: 'So did he leave here and think, you know what, when I get there, I'll see what it's like and I'll get the return ticket when I know whether I'm staying seven days or three days. I always think, is that why that happened?'

It left Pip questioning why, on his first day in Paris, Sanjiv was booking his ticket home for seven days time. 

Pip also noted how according to witnesses on the train, they didn't see any luggage with him. So what was he doing in Paris? Where was he planning to go, and where did he actually go on that first night after arriving at 8pm?   

Pip and her family assumed Sanjiv was having an enjoyable time, but when the seven days passed and the days rolled by without no contact from him, the panic grew.


Every two minutes someone in the UK goes missing.

Most are found within 48 hours.

Within a year 99 percent are located

Every year 2,000 vanish without a trace

Charity Missing People receive 58,000 calls for help a year

The family officially reported Sanjiv missing on October the 15th. 

'When I look back at it now, it just tore my family apart,' said Pip. 'My parents were just inconsolable. My sisters were distraught.'

'It's almost like it's surreal, that it's actually happening to somebody else, but it's actually happening to your family. 

All of a sudden you've got this huge thing that just comes flying in and you don't know how you're going to deal with it.'

From 4 November, the French police took charge and there were no sightings, nor anyone matching Sanjiv's description - something which Pip struggles to comprehend. 

'My brother was a big bloke,' explained PIp. 'He was six foot, one or two. He was tall, quite broad shouldered. He would stand out. To find that people couldn't find him, I find it unbelievable. You'd be able to spot him in the street, let's put it that way. 

I just find that hard to believe. For me, somebody somewhere knows what's happened.'

When the police learned of Sanjiv's use of medication, his case was escalated to a high risk. But while officers began to question whether he'd gone to Paris with the intention of taking his own life, it's something Pip fails to believe.

'I don't believe he would have taken his own life,' she said. 'I would find that one hard to accept.' 

Instead, taking into consideration how Sanjiv had planned his trip to Paris just a few days after returning from a day trip to London, and the time missing from Sanjiv's journey - time unaccounted for while he was in London - Pip thinks it's possible that Sanjiv met someone. 

'I've always wondered did he meet anybody in London at the time? Was he duped with the promise of a job?' she explained.

'I don't know if there is anything sinister behind that. Did he go off and try to live his own life? I think his siblings especially would have had an inkling that that's what he was planning to do. And I think there wasn't anything there.'  

No use of his bank cards, no trace on the mobile phone, and no sightings all combines to one huge hole in the mystery of what happened. 

Now, Pip has made a fresh appeal and is keen to hear from anyone who may have met with Sanjiv in London, just prior to his visit, or anyone who may know what could have prompted his visit to France.

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