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The most Instagrammed home accessory trends of 2020

Whether it be elaborate DIY projects, finally painting a wall or perfecting your home office, this year has given many of us the opportunity to make over our living space. 

Research commissioned by My Job Quote, has revealed the most Instagrammed home accessory trends, based on number of hashtags.

Topping the list was simple but effective picture gallery walls, closely followed by embroidered hoop art, a small hobby turning into a home décor addition. 

Meanwhile, popular TikTok trends such as cloud mirrors and body candles are on the rise and show no sign of stopping soon.

Most Instagrammed home accessories of the year so far

 Home Accessory Trend

1) Gallery Wall 

2) Hoop art 

3) French antiques 

4) Plants 

5) Farmhouse furniture

6) Wall tapestry 

7) Macrame 

8) Dried flower bouquet 

9) Rattan baskets

10) Wicker furniture 

9) Canopy beds

10) Fire bowls 

11) Curved sofas 

12) Drink carts 

13) Cloud mirrors

14) Body candles 

 Number of Instagram hashtags

















1. GALLERY WALL: L.A. based interior designer Colette shared one of her favourite views from her California home, a multi tonal gallery wall featuring various drawings

2. HOOP ART: Heather, from the UK, sells bespoke handmade embroidery with various online retailers and shared her hoop art showing a bunch of wildflowers

3. FRENCH ANTIQUES: Mother and daughter Gaynor and Bella shared their 19th century mirror from Provence paired with two French balustrade lamps and a crystal wall sconce

4. PLANTS: Instagram account Indoor Plants Decor, dedicated to revealing the very best home jungle, revealed this example of a home decorated with multiple plants

5. FARMHOUSE FURNITURE: Suzanne, from Michigan, shared one of her favourite farmhouse pieces which was chosen over a traditional formal china cabinet 

At the top of the list are gallery walls, a trend popular with celebrities, with over 1,200,000 posts on Instagram this year alone. 

The craze involves a curated display of photographs, posters or prints, creatively arranged, using photo frames to invite personality into a room and help it feel less empty.

Celebrities such as Ben Stiller, Jessica Alba and Nick Grimshaw have hopped on this trend in their respective homes. 

Many developed new hobbies over lockdown, and one that has turned itself into a popular home trend was hoop art.  

6 & 7: WALL TAPESTRY AND MACRAME: User String Theories Fiber Design, from Nova Scotia, Canada, showed off her home made macrame wall tapestry, hitting two trends on the list 

8. DRIED FLOWER BOUQUET: Jess, from Australia, shared her locally sourced dried bunch of flowers which have been recycled and pressed 

9. RATTAN BASKETS: Filipa, from Croatia, shared a picture of her wall gallery made up entirely of brown rattan baskets 

10. WICKER FURNITURE: Vintage goods store Côte & Co shared their brown wicker shelf, decorated with various house plants

What are cloud mirrors?

'Cloud mirrors' or 'foam mirrors' is a term coined on TikTok and is quickly making it's way across to Instagram, with 1,858 posts currently.  

The DIY trend involves applying polyurethane expanding foam to the frame of your mirror and then painting it various colours. 

Though this a new trend, YouTubers such as Lone Fox, Emma Rose and many others have already jumped on the bandwagon and have posted tutorials on their channel.

13. CLOUD MIRRORS: Vintage blogger Do Nossent, from the Netherlands, shared a selfie from her homemade cloud mirror

Second on the list, this newer design trend is quickly taking over Instagram with 603,305 posts on the platform.  

The trend sees Instagram users creating stunning designs by decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn. 

Traditionally, embroidery is displayed on the wall is stretched and framed over a canvas, but recent years has seen the idea of using a hoop to display the work. 

Not only is this 2020 home accessory trend popular on Instagram but also TikTok, with over 111,600 videos under '#hoopart'.

Third on the list was French antiques, with the tag showing rooms littered with rustic yet extravagant furniture and lighting, often adopting a farmhouse style. 

The style of furniture uses natural materials, muted colors, toile fabrics and often features touches of gold or a hanging tapestry.   

In fourth place is plants, using the combined hashtags of '#homejungle' and '#homeplants'. 

From cactuses, to snake plants and lucky bamboo Instagram users just can't seem to get enough of plants, with 289,901 posts featuring various plants on Instagram. 

House plants have been a rising home trend over the last few years, with millennials especially showing off their growing house plant collections.   

Finally, another upcoming trend on the list was body shaped candles, last on the list with 1,038 posts on Instagram. 

The candles are moulded to look like the female form in various colours, shapes and sizes and they are available to buy from online retailers such as Etsy. 

Meanwhile, many have taken to creating their own body shaped candles with female mould shapes also available to purchase from the retailer and many online tutorials available to learn how.   

12. DRINK CART: Chloe, from Surrey, who runs the Chloe Lloyd Home account, shared their new copper and marble drinks trolly decorated with glasses, a cocktail shaker and flowers

14. BODY CANDLES: Etsy shop Trippy Tuesday selling body positive candles and surrealist embroidery shared their latest drop of body shaped candles 

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