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The HUGE changes coming to Australia's travel restrictions in a matter of weeks

Scott Morrison has announced massive changes on the way for Australia's travel restrictions. 

Speaking after National Cabinet, the prime minister revealed there is a plan in place for the states to open domestic borders by Christmas - with the exception of Western Australia.

'We agreed in principle with the reopening framework for Australia by Christmas,' Mr Morrison said.

'By Christmas of this year, certainly seven of the eight states and territories will be open and you never know, it might be eight.

'Importantly, this plan not only details the opening of the various activities within the economy and our community and society … an important part of this plan is it includes the necessary actions to support a public health response.'

WA premier Mark McGowan, who faces an election in March and has gained popularity with his hard border closure, refused to take part in the plan. 

State and territory border restrictions have been in place since April, keeping thousands of Aussies separated from their friends and family in other parts of the country. 

In early September, the prime minister gave a speech urging premiers to open up, saying he feared they were forgetting the federation and 'retreating into provincialism.'

'Australia was not built to have internal borders. In fact the very point of federation was not to have them. That was the point of Australia,' he said.

'We must be one and indivisible as a nation. We must be Australians first and we must not allow this crisis to force us to retreat into provincialism. That's not the answer.' 

The prime minister has also announced caps on returning travellers will increase by 300 next month. 

More to come 

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