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The hilarious ski goggle Instagram selfie filter for skiers on lockdown because of covid19

The coronavirus travel lockdown has meant that the traditional annual slew of panda-face Instagram pictures from spring skiing trips are missing this year. 

But one enterprising organisation has come up with a nifty workaround - an Instagram filter that superimposes tan marks from sunglasses and goggles on a user's face.

Skiers and snowboarders can choose from several looks - the 'sunglass tan line', the 'classic goggle tan' and 'sunburned dad tan'. 

MailOnline Travel writer Sadie Whitelocks models the Instagram filter provided by Norway's National Parks authority

The filter is a brainwave from Norway's National Parks authority - Nasjonalparkriket - and is called 'Brilleskille 2020', after the Norwegian term for a goggle tan.

It's a cinch to use.

Just navigate to the authority's Instagram page - @Nasjonalparkriket - and click on the smiley face icon.

Sadie shows off another filter option 

Press on that and it'll show you an image of a man smiling with the filter applied.

Press that image and then the 'Try It' prompt in the bottom left corner and your own face will appear (as long as your phone is in selfie mode).

To cycle through the goggle tan options simply tap the screen. 

Here the look is being modelled by MailOnline Travel writer and explorer Sadie Whitelocks, who was able to file demo pictures within seconds.      

Nasjonalparkriket has six national parks under its stewardship - Gudbrandsdalen, Dovre, Dovrefjell, Jotunheimen, Rondane, and Breheimen and Reinheimen - and all were expected to be packed with thousands of skiers this Easter weekend. 

But the government has issued strict instructions for everyone to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic.  

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