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The Good Guys is forced to close three stores in Canberra after a BEETLE was imported from Thailand

One of the most destructive beetles in the world is responsible for three The Good Guys stores closing after being imported in a shipment of fridges from Thailand. 

The electrical appliance retailer confirmed three stores in the Canberra area have been closed and the beetle has also been tracked to the Home Delivery Centre in Sydney. 

'The Good Guys are working with the Department of Agriculture regarding traces of a Khapra Beetle that were detected in a supplier shipment of Fridges on Tuesday at The Good Guys Fyshwick (ACT),' the company said in a statement on Friday. 

The Department of Agriculture has been tracking a number of cargo shipment after the highly destructive Khapra beetle (pictured) was found in shipment to Australia from Thailand 


Scientific name: Trogoderma granarium 

Description: 1.6 to 3mm long, reddish brown colour, covered in dense hair. 

Where found: Asia and the Middle East 

Why they are a threat: Known as one of the top invasive species in the world. 

They can survive for weeks without food and so can be imported in cargo. 

They can infest dried grain and seed products, destroying huge amounts of crops. 

The company also said the Belconnen and Tuggeranong stores have also been closed while the Sydney facility is currently remaining open. 

Customers near these store are advised to go online or place orders via phone while the biosecurity threat is being assessed and deliveries will be arranged from other stores. 

Earlier on Friday, Australian Border Security closed the Electrolux Home Products Distribution Centre in southwest Sydney after the same beetle was discovered in a shipping container. 

The critters were also found in refrigerator packages at the distribution centre. 

While the beetles are not dangerous to humans they are incredibly destructive to agricultural crops - with the potential cost to the industry being estimated at $15.5billion. 

The federal Department of Agriculture said several recent cargo shipments are being investigated for infestation of the Khapra beetles. 

The detections have been in non-food goods such as refrigerators and car parts but also in high-risk food products such as spices and flour. 

Australia does not have the beetle in the country and the department is currently tracking the shipments in an effort to eradicate their traces. 

The Good Guys are working with the Department of Agriculture regarding traces of a Khapra Beetle that were detected at The Good Guys Fyshwick (pictured) 

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