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The definitive list of what you can and cannot put in the dishwasher

Experts have weighed in on what you can and can't put in your dishwasher - and it is bad news if you stack your wine glasses and silverware in the appliance.

The list includes some blanket bans - including anything with batteries, wood, crystal or bone as well as anything hand-painted.  

But there are surprising items in both categories as it is not good to put your non-stick pots and pans or your cast iron pans in the dishwasher as the metals and coatings get broken down easily. 

Experts have weighed in on what you can and can't put in your dishwasher - and it is bad news if you stack your wine glasses and silverware in the appliance

Wine glasses will go foggy in the dishwasher and the lead will be leached from crystal glasses if they are not washed by hand.

Your keep-cup or thermos will last longer if you don't put it into the dishwasher. 

The fine residue on ashtrays will break your dishwasher, and pressure cooker lids don't fare well in the dishwasher as holes can be blocked with pieces of food.

Any copper, brass, aluminium or pewter items could warp or break down in the dishwasher.

But the list of what you can clean in the handy appliance is even more surprising.

Rubber thongs, dog toys and bowls, shower sponges and hair brushes can all be cleaned inside.

Shower sponges can go in the dishwasher, according to the experts, and are best-suited to the top rack



Baby bottles

Bath toys

Breast pump parts

Ceramic baking dishes

Coffee plungers

Dogs toys

Dummies and teething rings


Exhaust fan filters and covers

Rubber and plastic thongs 

Hairbrushes and combs

Kitchen sponges and  scrubbing brushes

Keys (without batteries) 

Lego pieces

Mason jar lids

Oven racks

Pet food bowls

Plastic plates

Shower sponges 

Stainless steel 






Bone-handled cutlery

Brass, aluminium or pewter

Cast iron 

Sharp knives


Fine china 

Hand painted ceramics

Lead Crystal

Non-stick pans

Pizza stones

Pressure cooker lids

Silver cutlery

Keep cup


Most vases

Wine glasses

Wooden items 


Things like trivets from gas cook tops and oven trays can be too big or heavy for the dishwasher. Other tings like Thermomix parts and toothbrush holders and plastic containers should have a dishwasher safe stamp.

Source: Choice 

Thermoses and keep-cups don't last as long if they are put in the dishwasher and it may impact their ability to keep your coffee hot

Plastic plates, Lego, scrubbing brushes, baby bottles and teething rings should all be washed on the top shelf.

Bath toys, everyday cups and plates, coffee plunges and house keys can all go inside.

Small plastic items should be put into a mesh bag to stop parts from damaging the machine, and 'squeaky' toys should never go into the dishwasher. 

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