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The best workout moves for feeling 10 YEARS younger 

A 57-year-old fitness expert has revealed the exercises you can do at home to make you feel 10 years younger.  

Dean Hodgkin, 57, from Leicester, a three-time karate World Champion who has worked in the fitness industry since 1985, has created total body workouts that tackle common issues including balance, strength and co-ordination.  

'The good news is that regular exercise can not only prevent the negative changes we associate with ageing, but may also reverse them,' he told Femail. 

Dean Hodgkin, 57, from Leicester, a three-time karate World Champion who has worked in the fitness industry since 1985, has created total body workouts that tackle common issues including balance, strength and co-ordination. Pictured: Hop Around The Clock 


Warming up gives the body a chance to redirect the blood into your muscles where it can provide oxygen to fuel exercise. Importantly, a gentle start will stimulate synovial fluid in the joints to help lubricate them and reduce risk of injury. 

'The important thing to remember is that it's never too late, whatever your age and the sooner you start exercising the better will be your long-term chances of remaining fit, healthy and active in later life.

'A key difference is that whilst young gym-bunnies often seek purely aesthetic gains, the older exerciser is more likely to want to exercise in the comfort of their own home and the desired goals are more likely to be the ability to carry groceries, being able to stand up from a chair without emitting a groan and having the energy take the family pooch on a walk to the park.' 

Dean, who is head of programming at fitness and wellness app TRUCONNECT by TV.FIT, where he runs bespoke workouts focused on helping you live an active lifestyle whatever your age. 

Dean’s ‘Silver Sessions’ workouts, provide a balanced mixture of workouts that will act to improve strength, flexibility, balance, self-esteem and more.

Here he shares a selection from his programme with Femail...  


'Muscle tissue is lost at 5 per cent each decade, resulting in a 1.5 per cent decrease in strength every year and a lowering in metabolic rate, leading to weight gain. 

'Additionally, after age 35, bone mass decreases around 1 per cent per year for women but this accelerates to around 3 per cent post-menopause, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. 

'Strength training exercises will not only maintain muscle tissue and bone density but can actually increase both,' Dean said. 


Dean said the Turkish Stand Up (pictured) is a great strength training exercise because it challenges the whole body 

Dean Hodgkin, 57, from Leicester, has curated bespoke 'Silver Sessions' workouts to reduce the negative changes associated with ageing. Pictured: Turkish Stand Up


Dean revealed the Hindu Press Up (pictured) targets the upper body, but if any phase of the movement feels too taxing you can drop the knees for extra support 

• 12 repetitions.


Dean revealed the heart, lungs and circulatory system show a decline of 30 per cent from age 30-70, reducing capability to perform normal daily tasks. 

He said cardiovascular training will lead to an enhanced ability to walk, cycle or swim without discomfort, in addition to giving a general feeling of having a good energy level. 

It can also lower your heart rate which helps to reduce blood pressure and it improves both blood supply and enzyme concentration, leading to better muscle endurance to cope with everyday tasks.

Research from the Mayo Clinic in the US has established that HIIT training can effectively restart the action of the mitochondria (that produce energy within muscle cells) so we can actually reverse the ageing process at cellular level.


Dean said cardiovascular training is beneficial for improving the ability to walk, cycle or swim. Pictured: Squat Jumps 


Dean said cardiovascular training can also lower your heart rate which helps to reduce blood pressure. Pictured: Power Lunge 


'Neuromuscular performance such as coordinating large or small movements of varying complexity, with correct precision and force, is also affected as we age. 

'This, in part, explains the high number of falls associated with the elderly. Therefore, agility drills or exercises that involve movement through all three planes of motion are of particular benefit.'


Dean revealed neuromuscular performance is affected as we age but exercise can help. Pictured left: Hop Around The Clock, Pictured right: Chop



Dean suggests single leg squats (pictured) to improve balance as this can significantly reduce the risk of falls 

Dean said there can be many causes of falls but fortunately there is a simple preventive measure you can take that can significantly reduce your risk of becoming another statistic.

Dependent upon three senses - visual, vestibular and somatosensory (touch) balance exercises can help to maintain your independence and so improve quality of life.



Dean said balance exercises can improve your quality of life as they help to maintain your independence. Pictured: Airplane 


'Flexibility training will bring several positive benefits, most importantly, increased range of movement making it easier to perform daily tasks. Additionally, lengthening of the key postural muscles leads to better static and dynamic posture plus improved balance. Finally, less stiffness means less pain on moving,' Dean said. 


Dean said exercising flexibility increases a range of movement and makes it easier to perform daily tasks. Pictured left: Extended Side Bend, Pictured right: Multiple hamstring stretch 

  • Start with feet wide, legs straight and right foot pointing to side. Arms are stretched wide open at chest level, palms facing forwards. Top of the head is lifted, neck is long and shoulders are relaxed.
  • Slowly bend the right knee, lowering yourself down to the right side ensuring the feet are wide enough so the knee does not proceed beyond the line of the toes.
  • Simultaneously tilt the whole body to the right, keeping the spine long and the arms outstretched.
  • Lower as far as you can while keeping the abdominals pulled in tight, the bottom tucked under and the hips square to the front.
  • By aiming to reach the right hand to the floor and the left to the ceiling you will feel a stretch in the right hamstring, left inner thigh, left waist, chest and front of shoulders.
  • Slowly return up to centre, turn feet over and repeat to the left side.
  • Hold the stretch for 15-30 seconds.


Dean’s Silver Sessions – available exclusively on the TRUCONNECT by TV.FIT app 

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