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That's not a Christmasssss decoration! Woman shocked to find a huge snake around her door handle

A woman got the shock of her life recently after finding a huge snake slithering around her front door handle.

Kate Wall, from Tamborine Mountain in south-east Queensland, was stopped in her tracks instantly after coming face to face with what was later identified by snake experts as a carpet python.

She quickly captured the moment and then patiently waited until her 'friend' decided it was time to slither away from the front door.

Kate Wall was understandably left feeling a little nervous after coming home and being confronted with a carpet python on her front door (pictured above)

Carpet pythons are non-poisonous, but can leave a painful bite due to their curved backward facing teeth (stock image)

She shared the image on social media, with plenty on Facebook in utter disbelief at how brazen the reptile was.

One commented the python would make a 'handy Christmas ornament instead of a traditional wreath', while another stated a snake would be an 'awesome present' from Santa.

Typically, Australian carpet pythons are shy and non-poisonous, although it is advised to keep your distance as their curved backward facing teeth can leave a painful bite.

They kill their prey by constriction and love to feast on birds, possums, rats and lizards. 

Carpet pythons can grow up to 4m long and live in a range of habitats from the wet tropics to the desert.

The majority are well camouflaged with olive to brown skin, allowing them to blend in among leaf litter in tree hollows, logs and rocky crevices.

Kate Wall (pictured above) was glad to see the back of the snake after the recent unwanted encounter at her Queensland home

Carpet snakes well camouflaged with olive to brown skin with cream blotches which allow them to blend in among tree hollows, logs and rocky crevices (stock image)

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