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Terrifying moment off-road buggy barrel rolls back down a huge hill narrowly missing spectators

An off-road buggy attempted to climb an extremely steep hill and failed - coming crashing down towards the spectators below.

The terrifying incident took place on a dirt trail in Wellsville, Ohio, on September 26.  

A video of the crash was filmed by an onlooker and and was posted online.

An off-road buggy driver in Wellsville, Ohio had a lucky escape when his vehicle failed to make it up a steep hill and came crashing down, rolling towards the spectators below

The footage shows the orange off-road buggy take a roaring start towards the steep hill as it attempts to climb it.

A number of spectators stand around the bottom of the hill filming the attempt.

The vehicle accelerates up the hill bumping over the dirt track until it veers over to the left.

The off-road buggy loses momentum and eventually gives out and the driver loses control as it comes crashing down the hill. 

It barrel rolls over and over again with scraps of metal flying off as it heads towards the spectators at the bottom of the hill.  

One woman in green narrowly escapes the heavy vehicle thundering towards her as she runs out of its path just in time

Three of the four spectators closest to the path of the falling buggy run out of the way but one woman wearing a green t-shirt sits frozen on a log.

At the last minute, she gets up and runs as the buggy crashes to a stop, narrowly missing her. 

By-standers come running over to help the driver of the vehicle who gives them a thumbs up indicating that he is okay.

'He's good, he's good,' says a shocked onlooker. 'Holy f***'s sake'.

The buggy driver survives the crash unharmed and gives the spectators a thumbs up indicating that he is okay - but his vehicle is badly damaged

Although the lucky driver survived the crash unharmed, his vehicle was visibly wrecked.

The person who filmed the footage said: 'We were out on the trails and we came upon a guy who wanted to climb the biggest meanest hill there and he tried and failed horribly. 

'We helped him get his gear and rig out of woods. He was thankful.' 

Wellsville, Ohio, or 'The Pits' as it's known to locals, is an area with a number of dirt trails that are popular with both bikers and off-road drivers. 

The twisty terrain and hill climbs are sought out by thrill-seekers but the leaves, mud and rocks on the trails can make a hill climb extremely dangerous.

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