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Teenage extremist, 18, who 'hated Jews and Muslims' wanted to 'bring about revolution', court heard

A teenage extremist who 'hated Jews and Muslims' hoped to spark a revolution based on his racist ideology, the Old Bailey heard.

Matthew Cronjager, 18, allegedly drew up plans for a storage bunker and provided instructions for the manufacture of two firearms - a 'FGC-9' and a 'Cheetah' - using a 3D printer.

Cronjager is said to have transferred funds to help purchase materials to build weapons between 31 October and 19 December 2020.

Alistair Richardson, prosecuting, said: 'He wanted to bring about a change of government by violence. He hated people of different colour skin, he hated Jews, he hated Muslims, he hated people of different sexual orientation to his own.

Teenage extremist Matthew Cronjager, 18, allegedly drew up plans for a storage bunker and provided instructions for the manufacture of two firearms. Pictured: The Old Bailey

'He hated Asians who had sexual intercourse with white people. He wanted to bring about his own revolution, based on his own racist ideology.

'To that end, he sought to produce a firearm, using a 3D printer.' 

Cronjager allegedly posted manuals like the 'KGB Alpha Team Training Manual' detailing techniques on how to seriously injure and kill and other far right material.

On one group, Cronjager posted 'Not sure which kind of racism you're into but I'll do all of them' before signing off with 'May dreams of Hitler and swastikas guide you to sleep.'

Asked about the death of George Floyd by one user, Cronjager replied, 'All this stuff about 'I can't breeefff' is complete s***' and went on to talk about 'anti-white racism'.

In another group Cronjager wrote: 'I'd prefer pure whiteness in our country but if we had to compromise I'd want segregation.'

Cronjager was then added to a messaging group on Telegram called 'Exiled 393 UK' by a user called 'Bull' based in Spain on 20 September 2020.

Mr Richardson said: 'There was then discussion of what skills would be most useful - those, for example, of an electrician or a welder.

'Bull explained that welding was one of the most important skills. A welder could fix metal, create ammunition and weapons.

'The defendant offered his own view that they 'should all be able to at least put together the parts and also be able to reload our own ammo.'

Cronjager, who is said to have transferred funds to help purchase materials to build weapons between 31 October and 19 December 2020, was added to a messaging group on Telegram called 'Exiled 393 UK'. (Stock image)

Jurors heard Bull went on to ask who the UK leader of the UK division of Exiled 393 UK was as he would need to start training sessions and recruiting others.

Mr Richardson said: 'We then see the first appearance of the undercover officer (UCO) in our messages.

'He asked whether anyone wanted to be leader. The defendant immediately replied that 'I wouldn't mind being the leader'.

Cronjager told group members he had 'some experience with strategy from army cadets' and was 'charismatic' and 'decently intelligent'.

Bull then confirmed Cronjager was the leader of the group.

Mr Richardson said: 'He then told everyone they must not talk about the group and must not leave their phones open with their screens on the group messages.

'He told the others to get compasses so they could navigate, as well as familiarising themselves with their local areas.

'The defendant then went on to explain that he was going to begin construction of an underground hideaway nearby.

'He was preparing a bunker in which to store the firearms he was seeking to obtain.'

Jurors heard Cronjager posted a sketch plan of an underground bunker in October 2020 along with two PDFs detailing how to carry out the 'revolution'.

Cronjager told the group: 'Here are my bunker plans. Nothing special. It'll work tho. I'll used pallets for the walls, ceilings and floors.'

Asked by one member what they should read next, Cronjager said he would assemble a library and 'dump books into it'.

The publications included a manual written by extreme right wing Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people in 2011, and other documents about homemade firearms.

Jurors heard Cronjager then suggested creating a PayPal account to buy things like big tents or a 3D printer to create bits of 'art'.

Mr Richardson said: 'In this context, he meant guns. The defendant explained that it would be a way of funnelling the money without it being traced directly to individuals.

'They even went as far as suggesting setting up a fake charity page in support of refugees - on the basis it could end up mistakenly attracting donations intended for that legitimate cause.'

Mr Richardson said the undercover officer and Cronjager exchange messages discussing the manufacture of the firearms.

Cronjager told the officer: 'I don't want to start anything too soon, but I want to conduct at least one offensive action within two years.' 

Mr Richardson added: 'In furtherance of his cause, he set up an online library, where he, and those of a like mind, could store their propaganda, and their manuals in furtherance of their cause.'

Cronjager, of Ingatestone, Essex, denies engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts.

The charge alleges that 'with the intention of committing acts of terrorism engaged in conduct in preparation for giving effect to that intention, namely, drew up plans for a storage bunker, provided information for the manufacture by a 3-D printer of two firearms, namely a FGC-9 and a Cheetah and transferred funds to another for the purchase of materials to manufacture those firearms'.

The teenager also denies dissemination of terrorist publications and four counts of collecting information likely to help others preparing an act of terrorism - including 'The KGB Alpha Team Training Manual'; Workbench Silencers - The Art of Improvised Designs' by George Hollenback; 'Ragnar's Big Book of Homemade Weapons.pdf and;Expedient Homemade Firearms'.

The trial continues tomorrow. 

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