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Teen who stabbed girl with a broken Jim Bourbon bottle escapes conviction 

A teenage girl who was repeatedly stabbed with broken bottle by a gatecrasher has been left fuming after her attacker walked free from court. 

Isabel Bisset, 17, was at a party at her sister's house in Christchurch, New Zealand on January 4, last year, when a group of uninvited guests showed up.

The gatecrashers - which included Ena Schaapveld, 17, and her friend - arrived at party at 10pm but they were quickly told to leave by Ms Bisset. 

Moments later the friend swung the bottle of Jim Beam bourbon, hitting Ms Bisset in the head, the New Zealand Herald reported.

Isabel Bisset, 17, suffered serious injuries to her right arm after she was attacked by two girls at a party at her sister's house in Christchurch, New Zealand on January 4, last year

Isabel Bisset (pictured) had asked the gatecrashers to leave the party but was bottled and then stabbed

Ms Bisset suffered two cuts to her arm - one 4cm cut to her right bicep, another 6cm on her forearm

As the friend tried to strike her again, revellers stepped in and pulled her away. 

Ms Bisset then tried to walk away but Schaapveld grabbed her by her hair.

The pair began brawling in front of other party goers. 

Schaapveld had a bottle in her hand as she fought with Ms Bisset.

During the brawl the bottle smashed without her realising. She ended up stabbing Ms Bisset twice in the arm. 

Ms Bisset suffered two cuts to her arm - one 4cm cut to her right bicep, another 6cm on her forearm.

She was rushed to hospital where she had to undergo surgery. It may take two years before the nerve damage is fully healed. 

Schaapveld pleaded guilty to wounding with reckless disregard. She was ordered to pay $700 in emotional harm reparation to Ms Bisset. 

Judge Raoul Neave discharged her without a conviction as a conviction would impact her future employment.

He noted she had 'significant difficulties in her background' which he was sure had 'affected her decision-making'.

In an affidavit, Schaapveld apologised for her actions. 

'I was so angry at myself for letting myself get in that situation and I feel so bad about what I did to Isabel and I wish that it had never happened.

Ena Schaapveld, 17, (pictured) and her friend began fighting with the party host after they were told to leave the house 

Ena Schaapveld was discharged without conviction after pleading guilty to wounding with reckless disregard

'I feel like I have closed the doors to my future ... now I am just hoping I will be able to get a job, I feel like my future is shrinking and my options are drying up.'

She was given strict bail conditions ahead of her sentencing which meant she was unable to associate with some school friends. As a result she had dropped out of school, she told the court.

Ms Bisset was angry about the outcome, telling the New Zealand Herald she felt as though the justice system had failed her. 

'My life has completely changed because of Ena and I don't feel like she should get to resume hers like normal ... Life's not fair but she sure is getting it pretty fair.'

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