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Teen Lamborghini driver who killed secretary did NOT have a driver's license

The heartbroken family of the woman killed in a high-speed crash after a teen driver lost control of his Lamborghini have told DailyMail.com that the boy didn’t have a license. 

 Monique Munoz, 32, died last Wednesday in Los Angeles when the 17-year-old plowed into her Lexus while street racing. Munoz was a receptionist planning to go to law school.

The wealthy teen had hit a speed of 120mph before losing control of his car and smashing into Monique’s vehicle.

The 32-year-old had to be cut from the wreckage and died at the scene, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com Monique’s stepfather Isaac Cordona, 55, of Hawthorne, California, said he knows the identity of the boy and revealed that he was driving without a license.

Monique Munoz died in the two vehicle crash last Wednesday in LA. The 32-year-old secretary was trapped in the wreckage and died at the scene, LAFD said. She was planning to go to law school

Police had been called to the scene after the Lamborghini driver collided with Munoz who was driving a silver Lexus

The teen driver - who has not been named - suffered minor injuries. Police Saturday said no arrests have been made in connection with the crash

Monique’s stepfather Isaac Cordona (above) told DailyMail.com he knows the identity of the boy and revealed that he was driving without a license. Pictured, Monique with stepfather and mother, Caroline Cardona.

He said: ‘We know who the kid is. We know who the father is. We’re letting the law take care of him.

‘Like I said, who gives a teenager a Lamborghini? We found out last night, the teen doesn’t even have a license.’

Cordona added: ‘This is devastating. It’s just not right.’ 

While DailyMail.com has learned the identity of the teen, we are not naming him at this time since he has not yet been charged in the crash and is underage.

Depending on the model, a Lamborghini can costs upwards of $400,000. 

Monique’s brother Phillip Munoz, 35, of Culver City, California, added: ‘If there’s anything to be said about him, it’s for the police. We don’t want nothing to do with any of them.’

Under California law, teenagers are allowed to apply for an instruction permit aged 16 but are not allowed to drive alone until they have passed their test or turn 17.

The boy involved in the crash had turned 17 but it is not known whether he had passed his test. Minors are also prohibited from driving between 11pm and 5am until they turn 18.

According to Cordona, the family are now considering all of their options – including a civil lawsuit against the boy and his father – but will wait until after Monique’s funeral.

Cordona said: ‘I’m still talking to my wife about that. My wife has all the say so right now so I’m just here supporting my wife and doing what needs to be done.’

His wife, Monique’s mother Carol, 54, was too upset to speak to DailyMail.com but told of her heartbreak in a Facebook post on February 18.

A GoFundMe set up to to help cover funeral expenses in the wake of Monique's death had raised more than $38,000 as of Tursday morning

She wrote: ‘My baby my life my everything my heart is broken in so many pieces mommy is going to miss you sooo much.


The family have also launched a GoFundMe campaign to cover funeral costs which has now raised $37,838.

Cordona said he is not surprised Monique’s story has touched so many and described her to DailyMail.com as an ‘angel’ who had ‘a heart of gold’.

He said: ‘She had a heart of gold. She never had a bad bone in her body. She was an angel. She didn’t drink, she didn’t smoke.

‘She would take her friends out – she was always the designated driver, the DD. That’s why we left a lot of water bottles at the site [of the crash]. That’s what she drank.’

The GoFundMe page describes how Monique was devoted to her family and told how she ‘inspired kindness’.

The page says: ‘For those of you who knew Monique, you know all of this already but, for those who didn't...this beautiful, accomplished woman was the heart and happiness of her family and was taken from us much too soon.

‘Her family and friends were her life, she never missed a family gathering or a chance to help a friend and she only had love and kindness in her heart.

‘We are all in shock and finding it impossible to fathom the reality of her unexpected passing.

‘Please join us in supporting Monique's family as they navigate this unimaginable tragedy.’

Monique's friends and family held a vigil at the crash spot over the weekend

An update noted: ‘This page began as a request by friends and family who had the desire to give, it has blossomed into an outpouring of love and generosity by those who knew Monique and even many who didn't.

‘While we are not surprised that Monique could inspire such kindness, we are overwhelmingly grateful for it.’

Brother Phillip, who is currently staying with his mother and stepfather to comfort them, added: ‘Right now, we’re devastated but I definitely appreciate people trying to help us.’

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