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Teacher investigated for sending nude pix to a former student - after an anonymous email tip

A school teacher from Florida has lost her job after allegedly sending nude pictures of herself to former students. 

Alexandra Handwerger, 47, who is a mother-of-two boys was a teacher at the Hebrew Academy, a private school for Jewish children in Miami Beach where tuition costs up to $24,000 a year.

The school was told of the alleged nudes after receiving a tip-off from a group of 18-year-old men who were former students.

Alexandra Handwerger, 47, was fired from her job at Hebrew Academy January 30th

A police investigation was opened on February 19th into Harbinger who is estranged from her husband, Rosh Lowe. The couple are pictured here together in December. No charges have been filed

Her firing came after the school received an email tip off from another school in Israel about alleged nudes that former students who were now 18 had received from the teacher 

The group, who are currently studying in Israel, alleged they had received inappropriate photos from Handwerger through the Snapchat app. 

Handwerger who was the head of the English department at the Academy was asked by bosses at the school how the students got hold of the pictures.

A police report noted that the teacher said she could not recall how, but that she did admit to taking the shots. 

Handwerger was sacked on January 30 despite no charges having been filed against her. Miami Beach Police were informed a few weeks later on February 19.

Handwerger who was the head of the English department at the Academy was asked by bosses at the school how the students got hold of the pictures

Harbinger, a mom of two boys, is estranged from her husband Rosh Lowe, seen left 

Jude Faccidomo, Handwerger's attorney, says the allegations are baseless.

'My client hasn't seen any photographs. I haven't seen any photographs, so I'm not in a position to comment on them,' he said to WSVN. 'There's no criminal allegations here. It's curious that Miami Beach Police are investigating it. We certainly understand the need to, and again, we welcome it.' 

When confronted, Handwerger admitted the photos were her but could not 'recall' how the students might have got hold of the images

'We take these allegations very seriously, and are troubled by how they have materialized. This issue was brought to the school's attention through gossip and innuendo. The report itself references false emails and second hand sources. Unfortunately, it seems the salacious nature of the allegation has given way to favoring rumor over substance.' 

School administrators had claimed that Handwerger was possibly involved with a former student around one year ago but both denied the allegations when confronted. 

According to an incident report seen by Local10 school administrators received an anonymous email which alleged how a teacher was sending inappropriate pictures.

The email contained a phone number, which upon calling lead to a school administrator in Israel. 

A letter was sent home to parents which addressed the issue which read: 'We received information that there is a video and possible photos of a former teacher that are inappropriate. It is our understanding that some graduates and current students may have received copies of the videos and/or photos. 

'We are unaware of how our students received the videos/photos at this time, but have been and continue to conduct a thorough investigation regarding the entirety of this serious matter.' 

The school's administration has also stated that a therapist is to meet with groups of students to discuss the situation. 

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