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Take RAT! Two rodents trade blows like boxers while bemused cat looks on

Two rats were spotted trading blows in a hilarious fistfight under a block of flats, much to the bemusement of a cat who watched the lively tussle.

Cheez Goh was walking back to her flat in Bedok, Singapore, when she spotted two rats chasing each other on the evening of July 8.

She immediately started filming the amusing fight, which only becomes stranger when a cat stops to watch the rodents's trade blows. 

Cheez Goh filmed two rats trading blows in a hilarious fistfight when she was walking to her flat in Bedok, Singapore. The tiny rodents delivered quick-fire jabs like professional boxers during the bizarre tussle

A bemused cat lurked in a corner watching the two rodents punch one another, seemingly not interested in chasing its prey due to the bizarre spectacle

In the video, the two rats roll across the floor in an animated fight as a cat lurks in the corner eyeing up its prey.

But the cat does not pounce on the rodents and is instead frozen in bemusement at the unusual boxing spree taking place.

The two rats both stand on their back legs and deliver quick-fire jabs like professional boxers, attempting to gain the upper-hand in the fight.

They then abandon the fight and scarper off in opposite directions - potentially being scared away by the quiet cat lurking in the corner. 

Cheez said the cat charged towards one of the rats after the fight but the rodent quickly slipped into a drain and the cat missed its chance. 

Cheez said: 'The two rats just gave up and went separate ways. One ran away from the camera, one came towards the camera where I was standing. It didn't seem to notice I was filming the process and ran towards me. 

The two rodents eventually gave up on their lively fistfight and scarpered off in opposite directions as the cat still stood frozen in the corner, missing its chance to catch the rats

'I freaked out as it was approaching me, causing a sudden movement. The rat then ran for its life and that's when the cat saw that the rat was running and charged towards it. However, the cat missed because the rat went under the drain. The rat was really fast!'

But Cheez didn't see how the hilarious tussle started. 

She added: 'They were already running around upon me reaching my block because I heard some sounds.' 

Cheez shared the amusing video to Facebook, where it has been viewed more than 145,000 times, leaving users in hysterics at the unexpected fistfight.

One said: 'Omg what a rare sight!! Standing tall and they obviously not bothered with you.'

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