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Sybil the tortoise can't get enough of riding down a slide on her belly - VERY SLOWLY 

A thrill-seeking tortoise has won an army of fans who cannot get enough of watching her scoot down her slide very slowly.

A video of leopard tortoise Sybil was taken by staff at her home at Fishers Farm Park in Wisborough Green, West Sussex.

In the clip she is shown climbing a little ramp and walking over to the slide before pushing in front of pen-mate Eric and going down the slide.

As a result she has become an unlikely internet star with more than 7.6 million people watching her antics on Facebook alone since the footage was posted on June 10.

Sybil the tortoise relaxes in her pen before going for a trip down her slide at the West Sussex Adventure Park 

One of her keepers told ITV Meridian: ‘I think it’s extraordinary really. It’s very evident she’s enjoying it as she does it several times.

‘She’s always up to something, maybe she’s just a show off.’

The tortoise shares her enclosure with ‘husband’ Eric. 

The pair arrived at the West Sussex adventure park in 2015 aged 12 from a local who struggled to care for them.

As of yet, Eric has not showed as much enthusiasm for the slide as Sybil who takes several goes on it before heading into her enclosure.

A spokesman for Fishers Farm Park said: ‘We posted one of our tortoises, Sybil the Leopard Tortoise, on Facebook, enjoying the thrill of sliding down the slide in her indoor run! The video has gone CRAZY to say the least!

Leopard tortoise Sybil throws her little legs forward as she has a go down her slide 

‘The video shows Sybil the tortoise, climbing up her ramp, at her tortoise pace, venturing through her tunnel and over the top walkway to her “slide” and sliding down. No matter who is in her way.’

Her antics have gone down a storm online.

Cheryl Hayes posted: ‘Is that not the most precious thing I’ve seen all day.’

In the video she pushes by 'husband' Eric and prepares herself for her scoot down the slide

And Linda Babble added: ‘There's something so calming about watching this lil guy methodically make his way around..... and then those goofy birds go running by! Very soothing video.’

Leeanne Robinson posted: ‘I would watch that tortoise going up that stairs and down that slide all day, he is just so cool, wanting to go up n' down.

‘She must love it too.’

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