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Suzanne Morphew's sister says 'murdered' Colorado mom and 'killer' husband had money problems

Missing Colorado mom Suzanne Morphew and her husband were under 'financial strain' and was 'scared' on the last day she was seen alive, her sister claims.  

Melinda Moorman said she believed Suzanne, 49, and her husband Barry - now charged with his missing wife's murder - had been struggling financially.  

The couple shared a $1.5 million home in Salida, Colorado, with Suzanne last seen alive on May 8, and reported missing by her teenage daughters May 10. 

Moorman told CBS Denver that money worries were straining Suzanne and 53 year-old Barry's 26 year marriage around the time of her disappearance. 

She said: 'I think pressures and stresses in life, I think financial pressure bears in on people very heavily.

'It creates an atmosphere of discontent and strife and sometimes living beyond your means is a very hard thing to do.

'Learning to be content with what you have is a very powerful thing in this life, and it brings great peace, and I don't think Barry and Suzanne had gotten there yet, and that's what I think kinda happened and I can't really say more than that.'

'I think pressures and stresses in life, I think financial pressure bears in on people very heavily,' Suzanne Morphew's sister Melinda Moorman, pictured, said

Moorman did not comment further on the alleged financial issues. Suzanne ran a non-profit while Barry ran a landscaping business, and worked as a part-time firefighter. 

He moved into a smaller condo after his wife's disappearance after selling their home, and was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder last Wednesday.

Moorman also told Inside Edition, how Suzanne 'lengthy, powerful' text the Friday before Mother's Day that was 'very revealing.' 

'The Friday before Mother's Day, my sister had sent me a text message that morning. It was very lengthy. It was very powerful. It was very revealing,' Melinda said. 'She had been ready to share some things close to her chest. She said she was scared.' 

That message - whose exact contents Moorman did not share - would have been sent on the last day Suzanne was seen alive, May 8 2020.  

She was reported missing on Mother's Day 2020, after going for a a bike ride from the wood-framed home she shared from Barry, it was reported.

A week later, Barry made a video, pleading for someone took her to return her safely 'no questions asked,' safe return. He also offered a $200,000 reward for information.

But Moorman said her family were instantly suspicious of Barry. 

Suzanne Morphew, pictured, is said to have left the Colorado home she shared with husband, Barry, and their two teenage daughters on Mother's Day 2020

The Morphews' former $1.5 million family home in Salidas, Colorado. Barry Morphew had moved into a smaller condo before being arrested  

Morphew was initially reported to have left her home on Mother's Day 2020 for a bike ride, although her last confirmed contact with a loved one was two days earlier  

Suzanne is pictured with her teenage daughters Macy and Mallory. The girls were on a camping trip to Idaho when their mom vanished  

This was a picture from a vacation 

Suzanne's husband of 26 years, Barry Morphew, 53, is pictured after his arrest last Wednesday, which saw him charged with first-degree murder 

Morphew appeared in court for the first time last Thursday. Investigators do not have a body, but say they have information about an unspecified 'incident' which happened around the time of the mom's disappearance 

Moorman pleaded with Barry (middle) to confess to killing Suzanne and 'save us all the heartache' of a lengthy trial the morning after his Thursday appearance in court

Barry and Suzanne are pictured on vacation before she vanished. The missing woman's family have blamed Barry for the disappearance, and urged him to tell investigators what he knows

Throughout the investigation and last Wednesday's arrest, Barry maintains his innocence.

He claims Denver for a volunteer firefighter training session when his wife vanished. 

DailyMail.com later reporting the hotel room he'd stayed in had reeked of bleach the next day - even though the hotel said it did not use such products to sanitize its rooms.  

Investigators discounted a theory that Suzanne had been attacked by an animal, and said they found a personal item - believed to be a bicycle helmet - while searching along a road around 20 miles from her home.  

Prosecutors and law enforcement haven't said what led to the landscaping boss's arrest, and even though Suzanne's body was never found, prosecutors are sure she's dead. 

Barry Morphew's arrest came after over 135 searches across Colorado and interviews of over 400 people in multiple states as part of an ongoing investigation, Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze said, according to Fox News.  

Barry was charged with first-degree homicide, tampering with evidence and attempting to influence a public servant.

He made his first court appearance last Thursday where his two young daughters mouthed 'I love you' as he was ordered into custody until his next court date. 

Macy and Mallory Morphew have continued to stand by their father. 

Less than 24 hours after Barry was in court, Melinda Moorman told Good Morning America, 'If he has any kind of sense at all and if he loves his girls at all, I hope he'll do the right thing and confess and save us all the heartache. 

In Barry's public appeal video that he made a week after his wife's disappearance, he appeared as a loving husband saying, 'We'll do whatever it takes to bring you back.' 

'We love you, we miss you, your girls need you. No questions asked, however much they want – I will do whatever it takes to get you back. Honey, I love you, I want you back so bad,' he continued.

Barry appeared distressed and on the verge of tears during the recorded statement.

But Patti Wood, a body language specialist, told DailyMail.com in an exclusive interview that, on closer inspection, Barry displayed some troubling tics. 

 Scroll down for video.

Suzanne and Barry Morphew on vacation 

The Morphews' daughters Macy and Mallory have continued to stand by Barry Morphew, and mouthed 'I love you' during his first court appearance last week  

Prosecutors have not found Suzanne's body, and have not shared how they were able to charge Barry Morphew, but mentioned evidence of an alleged 'incident' shortly before Suzanne's apparent death  

Barry Morphew shared an emotional video begging for information on Suzanne's whereabouts days after she disappeared, and offered a $200,000 reward for information  

'He shakes his head [as if to say no] subconsciously to all the messages that might not be true or are not what he wants,' Wood told DailyMail.com.

'He starts shaking his head when he says 'If anyone is out there' and 'I will do whatever it takes',' she explained.

Wood also noted that while Barry looks anguished, his face does not change at all.

'We see pain in his face, but notice it doesn't move across his face and change as he speaks, but seems set like a mask which reveals that he put on or faked the pained expressions,' she theorized.

Wood concluded that she found the video 'unsettling to watch, because Barry's nonverbal delivery is so off from what would be normal baseline behaviors for someone whose wife is missing'.


May 8, 2020: Suzanne is last seen by locals in her hometown of Salida, Colorado

May 10: Suzanne is reported missing after her daughters, Mallory and Macy, return from a camping trip in Idaho and were unable to make contact with their mom. Police theorize Suzanne had set off on a solo bike ride as her bicycle was missing from her home. Her husband, Barry, is reportedly out of town at the time. Her bike was discovered a short distance from her $1.5 million home the same day. 

May 11: Police launch large-scale search of the rural areas around Salida, complete with drones and cadaver dogs. There is no sign of Suzanne

May 15: A personal item of Suzanne's - believed to be her bike helmet - is discovered a short distance from her home

May 17: Barry Morphew releases a public video tearfully begging for Suzanne to come home and offering a $100,000 reward for her safe return 

May 19: Investigators seize the Morphew home to carry out a thorough search of the property. They are seen leaving the property with evidence bags. The home is later handed back to the family

May 22: Investigators conduct a three day search at a riverfront property around 12 miles from Barry and Suzanne's home.  Barry had reportedly completed landscaping work at the residence shortly before Suzanne's disappearance

July 10: Police search the Morphew home for a second time, seizing more evidence from the property

August 11: Barry gives his first interview since Suzanne's disappearance. He insists he has nothing to do with her mysterious vanishing

September 3: Barry's co-workers reveal he spent the night before Suzanne's disappearance at a cheap hotel in Denver and left the room reeking of chlorine

September 24: Suzanne's brother, Andy Moorman, launches his own six-day search to find his sister, saying he believes she was 'murdered'

October 14: Barry shares old photos and love letters from Suzanne in a bid to prove his innocence

November 18: Suzanne's father, Gene Moorman, passes away. In his obituary, Suzanne is 'presumed dead'

March 5, 2021: Barry and Suzanne's $1.5 million home in Salida is sold after six months on the market

May 5, 2021: Barry is arrested on charges for murdering Suzanne   

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