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Surgeon's wife battles daughter for his fortune amid allegations he abused his girl as a child

The daughter of a wealthy surgeon has claimed she was abused in her youth to prevent his widow from taking a chunk of her inheritance.

Tiffany Hribar alleges her father Dr David Hribar committed acts of emotional, verbal and physical abuse to her brother, mother and herself in her childhood in Adelaide.

Dr Hribar died in June, 2019, leaving Tiffany $750,000 in inheritance, while his wife Sally Hribar received an annual annuity of $50,000, the right to live in the family home in Norwood and $20,000 to pay mortgage on a home in Encounter Bay.

Sally is contesting Dr Hribar's will in the Supreme Court, with The Advertiser reporting she wants 'further provision' of the inheritance 'for her maintenance, education, and advancement in life'.

She claims Tiffany 'was estranged from the deceased for approximately the last 20 years of the deceased's life', which is disputed by the defence.

Tiffany Hribar has claimed she was abused by her surgeon father Dr David Hribar (pictured) in her childhood

Tiffany said the pair remained close and that 'any distance in the relationship between the deceased and (his daughter) was as a result of the inappropriate conduct of the deceased during his lifetime towards (his daughter)'. 

Court documents state Tiffany left the family home for her own safety at age 14 in response to physical abuse from Dr Hribar, before moving in with friends. 

She was not supported by her family at this time and could not afford to attend school, leading her to take up work as a cleaner.

When Tiffany qualified for Centrelink payments, the service noted she was not living in the family home in response to domestic violence.

Tiffany said despite their history she had remained close with her father and aided him on several matters including finalising his second divorce.

She believes she is entitled to keep her part of Dr Hribar's estate and that Sally's inheritance is fair. 

Dr Hribar had lived with Sally since 2000 and the pair were married in 2017.

Dr Hribar's wife Sally is disputing his will in Adelaide Supreme Court (pictured), claiming Tiffany was estranged for the last 20 years of his life

In her partner's death notice, Sally wrote Dr Hribar would be 'forever in my heart'.  

'You were everything and everything was you,' the notice reads. 'Loving father and stepfather of Casey, Tracey, Simon and Tiffany.

'Loved and respected by so many people. Words cannot express how much I will miss you. You were my everything, my partner in life and my very best friend.' 

Dr Hribar also left $200,000 to several other beneficiaries.

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