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Stunt cyclist balances on his front wheel and rides down a hill BACKWARDS

This is the heart-pounding moment a stunt cyclist does a backwards wheelie while riding downhill.

Footage shows Danny MacAskill, 35, balancing on his bike's front wheel in the grounds of Aberystwyth University, Wales, as his friend Duncan Shaw directs him.

The cyclist, who is from Skye in Scotland, manages to hold the wheelie for nearly a minute before dropping his back wheel and turning round.

Danny MacAskill, 35, carefully manoeuvres his bike down a hill at Aberystwyth University in Wales

Mr MacAskill, who is originally from Skye in Scotland, shared his footage on Facebook and told viewers: 'Think I might get a Sat Nav and some wing mirrors for next time'

During the clip, which was shared on social media on February 24, Mr MacAskill cycles towards a steep hill on the university campus and flips his bike around before elevating his back tyre.

Mr MacAskill manages to balance himself perfectly as he clutches onto the handle bars and expertly uses his brakes to slow himself down.

As he approaches a roundabout, fellow stunt cyclist Duncan Shaw tells his friend: 'Your right, not that much.' 

The stunt cyclist expertly manoeuvres himself around the roundabout as Mr Shaw says: 'That's it, keep going.'

Just moments later, Mr MacAskill comes to a steeper hill with a speed bump and is warned by his friend: 'Speed bump coming up now.' 

The cyclist raises his back wheel into the air begins to make his descent down the hill while riding backwards

Mr MacAskill manages to balance himself perfectly before reaching a speed bump and flipping his bike round

The move performed by Mr MacAskill, which is called a stoppie or an endo, involves lifting the rear wheel of the bike and riding it on its front wheel by applying brake pressure. 

The technique can help cyclists and bikers manoeuvre their way around tight turns, narrow footpaths and also on challenging trails.

Mr MacAskill later took to Facebook to share his impressive stunt with others alongside the caption: '@duncshaw on giving me some much needed directions on this one! 

'Think I might get a sat nav and some wing mirrors for next time. #nosewheeliewednesday #wheeliewednesday #bikes.' 

One social media user wrote: 'So amazing! Unbelievable what you can do on two wheels! Or one in this case.'

While another added: 'My shoulders are screaming in pain watching this.' 

Social media users praised the stunt cyclist for his impressive display, with one calling the performance 'amazing'

Another person commented: 'What a life. Amazing the bike! And living a life that he lives.'

Meanwhile another added: 'Just insane skills! So fun to watch.' 

Earlier this month, Mr MacAkill released GoPro footage of himself riding down the Sgurr Dubh Beag mountain on the Isle of Skye.

In an Instagram post he wrote: 'This one was fairly enjoyable to ride, just keeping things in control along the way. @gopro #theslabs #dubhslabs #isleofskye #mountainbiking #scotland.'  

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