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Stunned Pennsylvania woman finds chicken head in her bucket of wings

A Pennsylvania woman sat down to enjoy a takeout order of chicken wings - and was shocked to discover a bird's deep-fried head among the battered treats.   

Brittani Paulhamus, of South Williamsport, received about 11,000 shares on her Facebook post on Friday, which featured the head sitting on top of the pile of wings following a trip to Old School Pizza with a friend.

It shared a gory pic of the head - with its beak still visible, which Brittani captioned : 'Ordered wings from Old School Pizza with Hannah Wingrove and received a chicken head….. Was told to call back on Monday and speak to management.'

After her photos were shared more than 11,000 times, she edited the post to add: PSA: I did not expect this post to blow up the way it did…. Yes I know where the wings come from. 

'HOWEVER to me it is personally not appetizing to see the chicken head in the wings I ordered. At the end of the day I’m sharing my personal experience and we’re all entitled to our own opinions.'   

South Williamsport resident Brittani Paulhamus found a chicken head in her takeout order of wings on Friday 

Paulhamus found the head after opening the container and noticing an odd shaped 'wing' 

In an interview with PA Homepage, Paulhamus described what had happened after she left the restaurant with her order. 

'I open the container I take a bite of one and so I'm like eating this one wing and I pick up the second one and it was shaped weird so I'm like "Hannah what is this?"', Paulhamus told the network.

Paulhamus was then shocked to discover the chicken head in the middle of the container.

'I turn it. I see the beak. I throw it. I yelled my fiancé’s name and I was like "get down here please",' she added.

She also said she was surprised to discover that her post on the incident went viral.

'I just feel like, I should make a post about it because who finds a chicken head?,' she said.

'I wasn’t trying to slander anyone, it was just funny to me.' Paulmahus added that once the initial shock had subsided, she was relieved to know the wings she was eating actually came from a real chicken. 

Paulhamus shared the incident on Facebook which has received more than 11,000 shares

Commenters enjoyed sharing the grim discovery, with some branding it scary, and many others insisting it was comical.

'So you mean to tell me whoever put them wings in the carry out container didn't notice a chicken head?', one user commented.

'Already you know the wings are fresh,' another humorously said.

Others pointed out that the chicken head was at least part of the animal she was eating.

'It's not appetizing to see the head of the animal you're eating? Why are you eating it them. Don't feel about it now...', a user pointed out.

'Right?! So you'll eat the rest of his body but you'll draw the line when it's his head. Ya know when it resembles a real creature!', another added.

Old School Pizza, the place where the wings were ordered from, apologized for the incident and offered Paulhamus a refund

Paulmahus claimed she had called the restaurant who told her to call them back on Monday to speak to management.

The owner has since given Paulhamus a refund for the order.

In response to the incident, Old School Pizza released an apology statement.

'Old School Pizza deeply apologizes for the disturbing event on Friday,' the statement read.

'We are currently looking for the source and have been in contact with our wing provider. We are trying figure how this could have happened with the numerous checkpoints involved.

'We have cooked approximately 361,000 pounds of wings over the course of 12 years and this is the very first time an incident like this has happened. 

'We are working with the parties involved the best we can to rectify the issue and move forward. We thank our patrons for their continued support.'