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Street cleaner sparks outrage after he is filmed blasting homeless person with jet washer

A street cleaner has been slammed for appearing to shoot a homeless person with a jet washer while they are lying in their makeshift bed.

The worker can be seen spraying the pavement with water to clean it right next to where the victim was lying down.

He is then caught on camera as he appeared to douse the bed itself in water.

The homeless person sits up in their bed after being soaked, holding their hands up in an apparent entreaty for the onslaught to stop.

The worker continues to smoke his cigarette and spray water until the woman filming approaches and asks him: 'Are you from Camden Council?', before the video cuts.

The disturbing incident happened in Camden, north London yesterday.

The disturbing incident happened in Camden, north London yesterday and was caught on film

The worker can be seen spraying the pavement with water to clean it next to a homeless man

The water sprayer can be seen being asked if he is from the Camden Council authority

It was shared on social media by grassroots homeless outreach group Streets Kitchen.

It has been viewed more than 4,500 times, sparking outcry.

Streets Kitchen claims it is part of an 'ever-growing vicious hostile environment in London for those experiencing homelessness'.

A Streets Kitchen spokesperson said: 'Dear Camden Council, Keir Starmer and Camden police can we please find out what exactly is going on here?

'These ongoing inhumane assaults on those experiencing homelessness in the borough can never be acceptable.

'We, along with many of our Homeless Taskforce colleagues have been observing and documenting an ever-growing vicious hostile environment in London for those experiencing homelessness particularly in Camden and Westminster

'This must stop now.' 

The Museum of Homelessness, an award-winning social justice museum documenting the history of homeless people, added: 'It is dehumanising.

Camden Council is investigating but insist it does not think it is one of their workers

The shocking footage has now been viewed more than 4,500 times, and has sparked outcry

Streetds Kitchen called it an 'ongoing inhumane assault on those experiencing homelessness'

'Unfortunately aggressive enforcement tactics are very common at the moment, it appears to achieve something for the agencies and authorities who use these tactics.'

Matt Downie said: 'What is this achieving, apart from dehumanising people?


Katherine Bollard slammed: 'This is sickening!

'Fancy being the person being the person told to this and feeling this is ok?

'It is not okay to do this to people who are sleeping rough.'

Scott Thompson added: 'Sadly the person doing this doesn't recognise the homeless as human beings - all he sees is an object equivalent to trash on the street.

'But in failing to recognise the humanity of others he denies others the opportunity of recognising his own!'

A Camden Council spokesperson said: 'Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

'We expect people experiencing homelessness in Camden to be treated with respect at all times.

'We are looking into this incident to understand its full circumstances.

'We do not believe these are staff employed by Camden Council.'

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