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Storm Christoph: Temperatures to plunge to -10c before the rain returns 

A grandfather was taken to hospital after accidentally swallowing sewage water when his house was flooded.

Chris Spencer and his wife Marlene, both 70, were forced to flee their home in Chester on Wednesday night with the help of their family after dirty water began seeping in amid the bad weather caused by Storm Christoph.

Granddaughter Alex Roberts, who went to help her grandparents after receiving a call, told the PA news agency: "As he was trying to get out he fell over into the water and hurt his back, then he swallowed sewage water.

"With that, he had hypothermia as well because he was so cold so he had to go to hospital and while we were trying to take him out of the water I swallowed some sewage water as well so I had to get antibiotics from the hospital too."

Ms Roberts, 20, said she and her family, who live nearby, went round to help after receiving a call from her grandmother who was "crying her eyes out" some time after 10pm. Mr Spencer stayed at the Countess of Chester hospital overnight before being discharged

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