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Stacey Dooley 'was secretly let go from her Glow Up hosting gig after Clairol advert'

Stacey Dooley was reportedly secretly let go from her Glow Up hosting gig after 'furious' BBC bosses discovered she had broken the broadcaster's rules by starring in a beauty ad.

The Strictly Come Dancing winner, 34, appeared in a campaign for hair brand Clairol in July 2020, the same month the beauty show's second season concluded, leaving her bosses at the Beeb unimpressed. 

The broadcaster has strict advertising rules, which ban their TV talent from trading-off their on-screen personas by imitating or suggesting references to BBC content. 

Advert: The Strictly Come Dancing winner, 34, appeared in a campaign for hair brand Clairol in 2020 and was seen flicking her hair (pictured) while next to makeup and dancing in a leotard

A source told The Sun: 'Stacey might have made it sound like she was stepping away from the series of her own volition, but in reality she was not asked to stay because the BBC were furious about Clairol.

'They are sick of people using their platform to go off and earn private money.

'It was a tricky situation as she does other things for the BBC, but they decided she would lose her Glow Up contract.' 

The source continued that the bosses weren't impressed that she was working with a glamorous hair brand - with the advert showing her dancing in a leotard and sitting in hair and makeup with freshly coloured locks - when Glow Up is a beauty show. 

Glow Up presenter and judges. Dom Skinner, Stacey Dooley, Val Garland (left to right)

The BBC policy that Stacey Dooley reportedly fell foul of

References to BBC Content in Advertisements

Advertisements or promotions involving talent should not imitate, suggest a reference or connection to or 'pass off' BBC content, for example, by replicating any editorial elements of a programme, such as characters, logos, titles, channel names or music or graphics associated with the programme, or by using or directly imitating sets or key venues, catchphrases or format points from the content.

Advertisements should not replicate or 'pass off' the role the talent plays in the programme. There should not be use of more than one member of BBC talent from the same programme in any advertisement for a non-BBC-related product. It is unlikely to be acceptable for several members of talent from different BBC programmes to appear in the same advertisement.

The advertisement should not bring the BBC into disrepute. 

MailOnline has contacted Stacey Dooley and the BBC for further comment. 

The BBC has strict rules about what adverts its stars can appear in while contracted with the broadcaster, with it recently being reported that Nick Knowles was facing 'the sack from DIY SOS' for his appearance as a builder promoting breakfast cereal. 

Stacey fronted Glow Up: Britain's Next Make Up Star for two previous runs and she announced in October that she would be leaving as host. 

In January, Maya Jama was confirmed as the new host set to takeover in series three.

 The series sees ten budding Make Up Artists [MUAs] competing to be declared Britain's Next Make Up Star. 

Stacey tweeted: 'I won't be able to be a part of Glow Up, series 3. It was such an utter delight to work alongside Dom [Skinner] and Val [Garland]. Total stars. 

'And of course, a real treat to meet the artists, and appreciate their creativity! It's a show v close to my heart, and I wish everyone involved in the next gig, all the love in the world.' [sic]

At the time it was thought that because Stacey had signed on to host new show This Is MY House she was unable to front season three of Glow Up.

Her new show sees four people declare a property is theirs, but only one of them is telling the truth.

A team of celebrity judges will work together to figure out who is the honest homeowner and who are the imposters. 

The latest claims also come after Nick Knowles was reported to have upset corporation bosses after playing a jobbing builder in a new Shreddies commercial.

The advert is said to breach the broadcaster's strict advertising rules, which ban TV talent from trading-off their on-screen personas.

Claims: Stacey Dooley was reportedly secretly let go from her Glow Up hosting gig after BBC bosses were left 'furious' about her starring in a beauty ad (seen at the BAFTA Awards in June)

Exit: Stacey announced she was leaving Glow Up in October 2020 after fronting the series for two previous runs

Industry icons: Val Garland and Dominic Skinner are returning to help discover Britain's Next Make Up Star (pictured with Stacey last year)

Replacement: Maya Jama is the new host of BBC Three's Glow Up: Britain's Next Make Up Star

But fans of the presenter, who has been the face of DIY SOS for the last 22 years and who once netted as much as £300,000 in one year from his BBC work, took to social media last month to defend the star.

Some even branded the BBC as 'inconsistent' for coming down on Knowles while allowing Match of the Day host Gary Lineker to continue advertising Walkers crisps. 

During a crunch Zoom meeting in April, Nick was reportedly told by BBC bosses he would have to get the ad taken off air or quit the show that helped launched his career. 

MailOnline understands the issue was the similarity between Knowles' character in the advert and his role as the presenter of DIY SOS - and whether it breaches a rule banning stars from replicating their BBC roles in commercials.  

Furore: The claims come after Nick Knowles was reported to have upset corporation bosses after playing a jobbing builder in a new Shreddies ad (pictured with the DIY SOS team in 2008)

The broadcaster's rules state that any promotions involving on-screen talent should not 'imitate, suggest a reference or connection to or 'pass off' BBC content'.   

In the advert, Nick plays a builder who pours a bowl of the cereal into his hat, while calling himself 'Nick get it done Knowles'. 

Meanwhile, a source told the Sun: 'Nick is in absolute torment about the whole situation because he loves the Beeb. 

Reaction: Some of Nick's fans took to Twitter to defend the star, with some even branding the BBC as 'inconsistent' with its policy

'While Nick is technically a free agent, he appears to have used his connection to DIY SOS in the advert which is totally out of order in the eyes of the BBC.'

The source added that Knowles has been handed an ultimatum and his future on DIY SOS may already be out of his hands. 

In a joint statement from the BBC and the presenter shared last month, MailOnline was told: 'Both the BBC and Nick are keen to resolve this matter and are working together to seek a solution'. 

Star: Nick has been the face of DIY SOS for the last 22 years (pictured on the show in 2015)

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