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Southwest Airlines reports second major system outage in less than 24 hours

Southwest Airlines service was suspended for the second time in less than 24 hours on Tuesday afternoon due to 'technology issues' that led to cancellations and delays of nearly 50 percent of its flights. 

The airline company hasn't responded to requests for comment but tweeted shortly before 4pm that it's 'in the process of resuming normal operations' after a system issue 'created flight disruptions throughout our network.'

'We know many Customers still require assistance and are working to address those concerns as quickly as possible,' a post on the official Southwest Twitter account read.  

As of 3.50pm Eastern Time, 478 flights (14 percent) have been cancelled and 1,145 flights (33 percent) have been delayed on Tuesday, according the flight-tracking service FlightAware. 

On Monday, a technical glitch in a weather information system delayed 1,519 flights and cancelled 45 flights.  

Southwest Airlines flights were suspended Tuesday for the second time in 24 hours

Southwest Airlines tweet about the current situation on Tuesday

Southwest told NPR that it saw no indication that the two outages were related to the same underlying problem but was looking into it. 

The long lines, cancellations and delays enraged flyers, who vented their frustration on Twitter. 

'Lovely @SouthwestAir cancelled our flight out of the blue, then doesn’t answer their phones for 2 hours, then 120+ wait time for customer service AND zero reasonable flight alternatives back to PA from Las Vegas. Great customer service. DONE!' @ramblerjay tweeted. 

 Another twitter user - @bookofvegas - tweeted a picture of a massive line with people holding their luggage and said, 'Current @SouthwestAir situation at #LAS. Not exactly the Vegas story we're looking for...'

Long lines waiting for Southwest Airlines on Tuesday because of 'technology issues' 

@KrysAnnMoran tweeted, 'Standing in the crowded Southwest check-in at Sea-Tac Airport because "systems are down." Sweet.' 

Underneath the tweet, she showed a video that panned around the room to show the long lines.   

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