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Son joins police force where mother has been catching criminals

A son has joined the police force where his mother has been catching criminals as a constable since he was six years old.

Jordan Unitt, 21, has kept up the family tradition by teaming up with his mother Maxine, 44, to fight crime.

The duo now work for Kidderminster Police after Jordan started training with West Mercia Police in January this year. 

Jordan Unitt, 21, has kept up family tradition and teamed up mother Maxine, 44, to fight crime

Jordan is continuing his training on the same beat as his mother, who has served the force for 13 years. 

The mother-of-two believes seeing the 'police family' as a child may have influenced his decision to follow in her footsteps.

'I've been in the police since he was six years old so it's always been a big part of his life,' Maxine, of Tipton, West Midlands, said. 

'The police became the norm for him, so a lot of people that he's mixing with in the station now have seen him grow up because they've been colleagues and friends of mine.

'When you are in the police you are part of a family. Your children are part of it because we all socialise together.

'It was a big part of him and it was over the last few years he expressed an interest in joining.

Jordan has joined a police force where his mother has been catching criminals as a constable since he was six years old - Maxine pictured holding Jordan when he was in reception

'When he told me I said go for it, it's a good time for recruiting at the moment. He was at the right age to go in and start his career.

'In a general sense, it's unusual in the fact that we're both on the frontline. There are some families who follow their parents into the police.

'But a lot of the time, there's a bigger age gap and you don't tend to have two frontline officers at the same time. It is pretty unique.'

Jordan still has a number of weeks left as part of his Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA) before starting shifts. 

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