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Some sanitisers do not have the alcohol level needed to kill virus, watchdog says

Hand sanitisers sold as a protection against Covid-19 may not be delivering on their safety claims.

Consumer researchers found some do not have the alcohol stated or the level necessary to kill the virus.

For hand sanitiser to be effective, it should have 60 to 90 per cent alcohol content.

Researchers found some hand sanitisers do not have the alcohol stated (Stock photo)

Experts checked 18 products sold at high street retailers, supermarkets and online.

Klenzy Hand Sanitizing Gel, sold on eBay, claimed to have 75 per cent alcohol content, but Which? experts found it had just 10 per cent.

Hansan Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser, on eBay, and VaidaMakeup Hand Sanitiser Gel, sold on Etsy, were also misleading. 

Both contained around half of the 70 per cent levels claimed. 

Both eBay and Etsy said the listings had been removed.

Head of Home Products and Services at Which?, Natalie Hitchins, said: ‘It’s extremely concerning that hand sanitisers readily available on online marketplaces eBay and Etsy make misleading claims about alcohol content and could leave consumers unwittingly exposed to the COVID-19 virus. 

‘The good news is that our research shows that if you buy hand sanitiser from a known and trusted brand, it increases the chances of it doing what you need it to.’ 

For hand sanitiser to be effective, it should have 60 to 90 per cent alcohol content (Stock photo)

 eBay said: ‘The two listings flagged by Which? have been removed, and we’ve taken the appropriate action on the sellers, who will no longer be permitted to sell hand sanitiser on eBay.’

Etsy said: ‘Etsy is pleased the seller has removed the item from sale. We don’t have final control over sellers’ items but do ask they act with integrity as was the case here by them taking action once the issue was brought to their attention.’

Which? has shared its findings with the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) for further investigation.

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