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Soggy Extinction Rebellion protesters huddle together in a rain-soaked Trafalgar Square

Soggy Extinction Rebellion protesters are huddled together in a rain-soaked Trafalgar Square for the seventh day of eco-protests that have shut down swatches of central London.

Protesters clutching umbrellas are braving the miserable weather to continue the demonstrations that caused huge disruption in the capital last week.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed  and led to 1,307 arrests have been made so far in connection with Extinction Rebellion protests so far, with 42 people charged with a variety of offences.

This morning activists took part in 'ten minutes of silence and stillness' across a number of sites as they 'reflect on the past week.'

It comes after thousands of activists carrying Extinction Rebellion banners and placards marched in a funeral procession down Oxford Street in a 'grief march' to remind people what has been lost due to climate change.

The capital is bracing itself for another week of chaos as Extinction Rebellion activists plan to start a hunger strike, to occupy the City of London, block Vauxhall Bridge, and protest new media outlets.

Extinction Rebellion activists in Trafalgar Square huddled together after week of protests that have caused disruption in the capital

Extinction Rebellion activists in Trafalgar Square. Today the group are reflecting on the protests of the past week before another chaotic week in the capital

A wooden structure in Trafalgar Square with the Extinction Rebellion logo draped over the top of it, as activists huddle away from the rain

A number of protesters are braving the cold weather to continue protests that have already lasted a week. One woman holds a sign saying 'We won't be in schools until our planet cools'

Extinction Rebellion activists huddle under a wooden structure to keep the rain off during their seventh day of protests

Activists taking some time to eat some food and fuel up before another week of protests in London that are sure to cause further chaos

A washing station in the middle of Trafalgar Square, where protesters can get scrubbed up ready for another week of protesting

Police pictured with a group of activists today in Trafalgar Square, in London. The capital is bracing itself for further protests this week

Earlier on Saturday, police arrested members of Animal Rebellion after they staged a demonstration at Billingsgate Fish Market in Poplar, London.

The animal rights group stopped traffic from entering the market, leading to multiple arrests.

The Metropolitan Police said 23 arrests had been made at Billingsgate as of 9.30am.

As many as 100 public order officers are being deployed from Scotland to London to assist the Metropolitan Police with the climate change demonstrations.

They will be deployed from early next week after Police Scotland Chief Constable Iain Livingstone approved the request from the National Police Co-ordination Centre on behalf of the Met.

Met Police chief Cressida Dick said on Friday the force has been 'stretched' by the protests, impeding its ability to respond to other crimes. 

Mr Livingstone, who has briefed Scotland's Justice Secretary on the move, said it would not undermine Police Scotland's ability to protect the public in Scotland.

There is still a considerable amount of tents in Trafalgar Square on a rainy Sunday in London, as the capital braces itself for another week of action

As many as 100 public order officers are being deployed from Scotland to London to assist the Metropolitan Police with the climate change demonstrations

Two protesters wear ominous dark outfits along side another wearing a 'badass vegan' t-shirt and hula-hoop. They joined thousands of people in the 'grief march' which was 'designed for people to come together' on Saturday

A woman wears a Statue of Liberty crown while holding a torch with Donald Trump's face on it and a placard showing eco activist Greta Thunberg on her sail boat to New York which went viral at the march on Saturday

Protesters gather in support of Extinction Rebellion (XR) at Jubilee Gardens, London, to highlight deaths caused by air pollution, on Saturday

He said: 'I have agreed to send a number of officers for a short time to assist with the policing of the Extinction Rebellion protests currently taking place in the city.

'The Scottish Police Federation is engaged in this process and the safety and welfare of my officers and colleagues is paramount. 

'Scotland has benefited from mutual aid in the past and will do so again in the future. It's therefore appropriate that, as the UK's second biggest police service, we supply officers when asked to do so by other forces.'

Activists blocked the entrance to the BBC's central London headquarters on Friday, with some scaling the front of the building.

On Thursday, demonstrations focused on London City Airport, where protesters attempted a 'Hong Kong-style occupation' of the terminal building, with hundreds blocking the main entrance. 

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