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Social media users share hilarious snaps of naughty Christmas elves getting up to serious mischief

December is well and truly underway which means one thing - those naughty elf dolls are already causing mischief up and down the country!

Parents from across the UK have taken to social media to share hilarious snaps of their ill-mannered Christmas elves causing mayhem and hiding out in some very unique places.

However, it's not just Elf on the Shelf who is being naughty as parents have shared snaps of their Elves Behaving Badly and various other brands of the festive game, too.   

Among the most amusing photos shows a naughty duo making snow angels in flour, while another is trying to tamper with the plugs in a busy office. 

Elsewhere, some children may be surprised to find their elves quarantining in glass jars until they receive a negative PCR test - because even Santa's helpers aren't exempt from getting COVID-19.

Snow much fun! These ill-mannered elves made their presence known by making snow angels on the work trolley - leaving a proper mess for those cleaning up

Dreaming of a white mocha! This naughty elf was caught red-handed making a mess on the kitchen surface - and looks rather pleased with himself, too!

Pull the plug! Elsewhere an elf was pictured trying to sabotage a company by unplugging all of its computers 

At the elf center! This poorly elf was put in isolation awaiting a PCR test. If he gets a positive test that's 10 days sorted...! 

Elf and safety! This mischievous duo were caught helping themselves to medical supplies in hospital

Warm and toasty! This elf was lucky not to be burnt to a crisp after hiding out in the family's toaster  

Death by chocolate! This elf doll clearly had eyes bigger than its belly after diving into the treat cupboard 

Roll on Christmas! This elf was pictured causing mayhem by capturing toy figurines using toilet roll

Bottoms up! Another cheeky elf got a bit more than it bargained for after finding its way on the photocopier 

Going for a spin! These mischievous elves decided to hide out in the washing machine - and even brought straws to help them breathe! 

Tinsel tangle! Another mischievous elf was caught just hanging around...

Raising the stakes! This naughty duo piled the cushions as high as they could - at least they had a soft landing!