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Snake expert posts videos of himself being bitten by reptiles on Instagram

This is the moment a daring amateur herpetologist lets a wild snakes bite him to educate people about reptiles.

Footage shows David Orin Humphlett, 21, jumping into the water after a Burmese python, before wrapping the animal around his neck.

In another clip, the delivery driver from Gainesville, Florida, holds a Gulf Saltmarsh snake which bites him on the lip, leaving it bloody.

He makes videos rating how painful snake bites are and is filmed letting the reptile clamp down on his index finger. 

Footage shows David Orin Humphlett, 21, jumping into the water after a Burmese python and wrapping the animal around his neck. He rates snake bites from one to ten based on their pain 

The animal lover says that the snake has 'zero bite pressure' and 'really weak jaws', rating the bite a one out of ten.   

In the last clip, David is sitting with an iguana on his lap, before he presents his forearm and moves it towards the animal.

He is left with large cuts on his arm after the animal bites him and declares that the animal 'did a great job' and he'll 'probably need stitches'.  

The man has a passion for all that slithers, and claims his motivation for making the shocking videos is to show people that snakes aren't really that dangerous. 

He said: 'For the majority of the bites I take, especially the snake bites, they're not really painful. The last thing I want to do is hype it up and demonise the snake.

'The truth is that snake bites don't hurt much. I took an iguana bite once though, and that hurt and left a scar.'

Devout Christian David claims that his faith has informed much of his passion for animals.

The delivery driver, from Gainesville, Florida, wants to educate people about snakes. He also let an iguana bite him and said it 'hurt and left a scar' 

He said: 'My motivation is not a sadistic one. I want to see animals taken care of, and I want people to be good stewards of God's creation.' 

David compared himself to famed zoologist Steve Irwin, and said he 'loves snakes and every one of my bite videos'.  

He said that he 'initially states that the bite doesn't hurt very bad', adding: 'It's a little bit of sensationalising and it definitely gets the attention, but I never want to take it overboard.' 

David said: 'I really do love animals and being around them, but I'm in it for the hearts and minds of people. 

'I want to see them changed and educated about snakes. It's an ideological game and I'm intentional about playing it.' 

He has been out catching venomous snakes for about five years so far, and he's honed his skills along the way. 

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