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Sleeping woman woke to find a friend raping her while her boyfriend was showering in the next room

A sick rapist waited for a young woman's boyfriend to get into the shower before raping her in the couple's motel room.   

He attacked the woman around 4am after spending the night in the couple's room at The Criterion Hotel in Rockhampton, Central Queensland. 

The young woman's boyfriend had gotten up to shower when Andrew Thomas Coyne, 26, began to rape her until she woke up and pushed him off. 

Andrew Thomas Coyne, 26, raped a woman as she slept and her boyfriend was showering next door in a room at The Criterion Hotel (pictured) in Rockhampton, Central Queensland

The jury at Rockhampton District Court heard that Coyne had started drinking early that afternoon and met the woman through mutual friends.

The friend group had moved on to drinking at The Criterion and Coyne eventually passed out on a chair in the couple's motel room.  

His defence solicitor, Doug Winning, said that the rape would not have occurred if Coyne had not been extremely drunk. 

He said that Coyne was: 'Seriously affected by alcohol which impacted his cognitive thinking,' according to The Morning Bulletin. 

Mr Winning also told the court that Coyne 'didn't seek to detain' the woman 'when she got up out of bed and raised the alarm'.

The court heard that Coyne rarely drinks but when he does consume alcohol it is in problematically high amounts.  

Mr Winning said that his client had worked with properties and mining prior to his sentence and had left school at fifteen to break in racehorses with his father.  

The court heard that Coyne had a good relationship with his parents and siblings and that his father was dying in Rockhampton Hospital from a variety of health complications.   

Judge Michael Burnett scolded the attacker for his violent offence.

'The fact that you went to trial is evident there is an absence of remorse,' he said.

Coyne was found guilty of rape and sentenced to six years in prison with eligibility for parole in February 2023. 

Coyne was found guilty of rape and sentenced to six years in prison (file image)