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Skinny dippers enjoy naked bathing in Cornwall's historic mining pools

Skinny dippers are flocking to Cornwall's stunning and secret coastal mining pools claiming being naked in the sea is boosting their health and taking them closer to nature.

These incredible pictures show enthusiast Laura Evans in the crystal-clear water at Pullandase, north of Land's End, who said today: 'Swimming nude is one of those money can't buy feelings'. 

She added: 'With tidal pools offering privacy it means you can strip off and enjoy the water in a truly immersive way. When appropriate it is the only way I choose to swim'.

The skinny dippers, many of whom who prefer to be called 'wild swimmers', are swimming in man-made holes bored or blasted in the past 50 years, but left vacant since the demise of Cornwall's tin mining industry.

Many of them are right on the coastline and naturally fill with water, and their unique shape makes them perfect swimming pools.

Swimming naked in Britain is not illegal unless it causes a witness 'alarm or distress' or has a sexual motive.

Laura Evans swims naked in one of the man made mining pools off the coast of Cornwall as skinny dippers flock to frolic

Laura and her dog stand ready to dive into into the water at Pullandase, north of Land's End. The pools are mainly man-made created during the county's miners

Laura says the freedom of swimming naked is a 'money can't buy' experience that others should also try 'where appropriate'

Ros Luxford and Alison Meaton, who regularly bathe in what they know as 'The Mermaid Pool' at Boat Cove, west of St Ives

Wild swimmers and skinny dippers are now flocking to the holes all along the coast of Cornwall.

In West Cornwall there is a pool known as Pullandase, in the Kenidjack Valley, once an important tin mining area, where the remains of the industry are still visible today.

Despite being difficult to get to, Pullandase is still popular with wild swimmers, including Miss Evans from St Ives.

She said: 'I was fortunate enough to stumble across Porth Ledden thanks to a combination of rumours, exploring the coast path and chatting with locals.

'When I first found it I thought it was nature that had produced such a divine swimming spot but little did I know I was swimming in an incredibly special piece of Cornish history.

'Knowing the story of the pool I now feel a deeper connection with the area when I swim there - I'm grateful for its creation and feel privileged to be able to use it.'

Pullandase measures around 5m long by 5m wide, and is exposed for two to three hours either side of low tide.

Laura added: 'Tidal pools, for me, offer peace and privacy.

'I'm drawn to off the beaten track swim spots that feel a world away from the crowds and, more often than not, you have the pool totally to yourself.

'On a choppy day they often offer a tranquil swimming spot alongside the sea so you don't have to forgo a swim.'

Ros and Alison look out to sea as waves crash into the stunning northern coastline of Cornwall at Boat Cove near Pendeen

Laura Evans swim ins in one of the man made pools bored or blasted in the last 50 years, but since the demise of the mining industry they have been left vacant

Many of the pools are right on the coastline and naturally fill with water with the tides, and their unique shape makes them perfect natural swimming pools

Laura says she only stumbled across Porth Ledden thanks to a combination of rumours, exploring the coast path and chatting with locals who let her know the secret location of pools

'Wild swimmers' and skinny dippers are flocking to the holes around Cornwall  saying the experience is taking them closer to nature

Laura said that when no one is around, she prefers to swim nude in the pools - as this makes her feel closer to nature.

She added: 'Getting naked outdoors might not be for everyone but swimming nude is one of those money can't buy feelings. 

'There's a certain magic about them being revealed and then engulfed by the tide twice a day - they have a seductive beauty, almost like gems set into the cliff when viewed from a distance.'

Another Cornish tidal pool that Laura swims in and is rumoured to have been created by miners is at Boat Cove near Pendeen.

Ros Luxford and Alison Meaton, regularly bathe in the pool, which they know as 'The Mermaid Pool'.

Alison said: 'The Mermaid pool at Boat Cove is a place I visit with my dogs when I need some time on my own.

'I can swim there safely whatever the mood of the sea is. I enjoy the calm tranquility of the water, contrasting with the waves of the sea.'

Ros added: 'I have been wild swimming in Cornwall all year for 22 years now.

'In the winter, or when the tide or wind is not right, we often go into a tidal pool, particularly Cape Cornwall or the Mermaid Pool, as we call it, at Boat Cove.

'It's wonderful being in there when the waves are crashing around you in the big sea, but you feel safe.

'There is something very ethereal about being in these pools, particularly as they were built by the local miners for a safe place for children to swim in.

'I have a big interest in these pools and one day would like to write a book about the history.'

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