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'Shut up and fight': AFL bad boy Barry Hall's brutal message to 'whinging' Paul Gallen

Barry Hall has sent a brutal message to Paul Gallen ahead of their highly anticipated boxing bout on Friday night in Melbourne.

The 42-year-old former AFL power forward slammed Gallen's 'whinging' over the 'Battle of the Codes' fight, which he claims is set up in Hall's favour.

Gallen believes Hall is being given a huge advantage before he sets foot in the ring thanks to the bout's two minute rounds - and the fact it will be held in Melbourne, staunch AFL territory.

Barry Hall (pictured) has told Paul Gallen to 'stop whingeing' ahead of their highly publicised fight in Melbourne on Friday

Paul Gallen (pictured with his wife Anne) has complained that conditions in his 'Battle of the Codes' fight with Barry Hall favour the former AFL star

Hall has brushed off Gallen's complaints, telling Wide World of Sports he should 'stop whingeing, and start fighting.'

The former AFL star said he found it amusing Gallen would complain about the conditions of the bout after he had read and signed the fight contract months ago.

The fight is Hall's first foray into the boxing world, and he has been training for the bout with Australian boxing legend Danny Green in Collingwood.

Gallen's trash talking has been relentless, even branding his opponent 'Noodles' at a recent book signing, but Hall has been unfazed by the former NRL star's antics. 

Paul Gallen (pictured) said he nicknamed Barry Hall 'Noodles' and signed his autobiography Heart and Soul for the former AFL star.

'He's had a lot to say, and that's fine, that's his style,' Hall said. 

'Look, you talk and at some stage you have to face up to what you say. So far in his career he has – he's talked the talk and walked the walk. But let's see if he walks the walk on Friday night.'

Gallen's fight preparation included a publicity fight with Sydney newsreader Matt de Groot on Monday, with the 38-year-old leaving the radio personality with suspected broken ribs after 30 seconds in the ring.

The Battle of the Codes will be held at Margaret Court Arena.

Barry Hall (pictured second from the right) with his training partners Nick Migdley, Ben Kelleher and Daniel Russel

The fight with Gallen is Hall's first foray into the boxing world, and he has been training for the bout with Australian boxing legend Danny Green in Collingwood.

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