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Shoppers scream in terror as gunman opens fire inside Pennsylvania mall, injuring at least two 

Horrified shoppers at a Pennsylvania mall began screaming Sunday afternoon after a gunman opened fire, injuring at least two people.

The Park City Mall shooting, which happened about 2:25pm, did not result in any life-threatening injuries, the Lancaster City Bureau of Police said in a statement.

A woman could be heard shrieking 'oh my God' as gunshots rang through the mall in a video posted online by a shopper as she fled the scene.

Police didn't say how many people were shot, although the video appeared to show at least two people struck down by bullets, and it's still unclear what caused the shooting in the first place. 

'There were some injuries,' a sergeant at the department told Fox News. 'I can’t confirm how many, and I don’t know how many are related to a gunshot, compared to people just tripping and falling.'

At least two people were injured after a gunman opened fire inside a Pennsylvania mall

The Sunday afternoon shooting at Park City Mall in Lancaster left shoppers running for cover 

A shopper captured the terrifying scene on video while screaming 'oh my God' and fleeing

Two women hid inside in a Lush store after hearing the terrified screams of fellow shoppers, the York Daily Record reported. 

Brenda Mosser said she was at the mall with her husband Scott when the gunplay began.

'There were sounds of guns firing... many many times,' she said on Facebook. 'I cowardly ran to the back of the store with all of the employees at the phone store as my husband went out into the mall helping people who were stunned and confused. 

'Oh he made me sooo mad that he would not run to the back with me and my head hurts now for yelling at him to hide until police came. I think its time we take a class in gun safety and get one myself.' 

A patient who appeared alert was wheeled away from the scene on a stretcher

Another woman said on social media that she arrived to the mall about the time police were responding to the shooting.

'We literally never go to the mall and for whatever reason decided to go today of all days,' Karlye Greaves said on Facebook.

'Never made it inside. I'll stick to online shopping too.'

Police shut down Park City Mall shooting for the remainder of the day to investigate

The mall has been shut while police investigate, and police said there is no immediate threat to the public. 

Police arrested two people, according to the Lancasteronline.com.  

Lancaster is about 80 miles west of Philadelphia.