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Shoppers say this weighted blanket melts away anxiety and stress - and you can get it for £28

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Do you struggle to get a good night's sleep? If so, Amazon shoppers recommend this weighted blanket that uses deep pressure therapy to melt away anxiety and stress to help get a good night's rest.

Over 5,000 shoppers, including anxiety-suffers and insomniacs, have given the Brentfords Weighted Blanket a five-star rating on Amazon, noting that it's 'so cosy and calming' and 'really does help with sleeping quality'. One customer even wrote: 'This has completely changed my life'.

Others describe the sensation of lying under the Brentfords Weighted Blanket as feeling like a hug.

'I often struggle to relax into sleep,' one reviewer shared. 'I have insomnia, anxiety, and joint pains that keep me awake; I've never slept well, but this blanket has been a lifesaver!'

'From the first night I used it, the weight feels like a gentle hug, like you're being safely held. I've had some real decent, quality sleep, and I never struggle to relax at bedtime now. The gentle pressure wraps you up and the blanket doesn't move so you don't wake up cold.'

Made from polyester, the Brentfords Weighted Blanket features equally stitched pockets filled with non-toxic micro glass beads that distribute weight evenly across your entire body, creating a calming, 'snuggle effect'.

The product description reads: 'This weighted blanket uses revolutionary 'Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation' therapy to relieve stress, insomnia, anxiety ADHD.'

Prices start at £19.99 for a nine pound blanket, whereas the largest and heaviest blanket weighing 17-pounds costs £27.99.

The blanket distributes weight evenly across your entire body, creating a calming, 'snuggle effect' that shoppers claim helps them sleep like a baby

Prices start at £19.99 for a 9-pound blanket, whereas the largest and heaviest blanket weighing 17-pounds costs £27.99

While scientific evidence is inconclusive, many reviewers swear by the Brentfords Weighted Blanket, waxing lyrical over its benefits. It's especially popular among those who endure restless nights and that suffer from anxiety and stress.

One shopper wrote: 'This weighted blanket is amazing. I've had better sleeps since using it; it makes me feel relaxed.

'I highly recommend it. It makes me feel like I'm being hugged. Very comforting and I absolutely love the colour, and the fabric is very soft.' 

Another raved: 'Brilliant! Why didn't I buy this years ago?! Went to sleep with no problem and slept like a baby. After struggling with insomnia for an age, this is like winning the lottery. Would definitely recommend!' 

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