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Shoppers mock ASOS knitted bralette for looking like a SCARF

At the height of summer clothing can get a little skimpier, but ASOS has been mocked by shoppers over a bralette crop top that offers little more coverage than a strategically draped scarf. 

The British online fashion retailer posted a photograph of Dana Emmanuelle-Jean Nozim who is based in Chicago on nstagram page, sporting the Simonett Nanu knitted bralette crop top.

Gushing about the item to its millions followers, ASOS captioned the post: 'A top that can be worn multiple ways is the new dress with pockets.'

However, social media users were unimpressed with the top, which features little more than two thick straps covering the brests and a band around the bottom, with one jokingly asking: 'Who dresses like this in real life? Are we wearing this to the office?'

ASOS posted a photograph on Instagram of Chicago-based model Dana Emmanuelle-Jean Nozim (pictured) wearing their Simonett Nanu knitted bralette crop top in black

Over 50,000 social media users liked the post of the £55 top that is currently only available in UK size 8-12.

ASOS described the piece as a 'chunky knit' with a 'lightweight design' from the brand Simonett, which is known for creating 'adaptable classics' that combine 'form and feminine shapes' for a distinctive look. 

The machine washable top is made from 60 per cent cotton and 40 per cent acrylic.     

Amused by the design, Instagram users joked that they already have scarves that cost less that could achieve the same look.

One person wrote: 'Where's the top? All I see is a scarf.'

Another said: 'That's a martial arts belt if you ask me, not a top.' 

ASOS explained in the caption of their post that the £55 top (pictured) can be worn in multiple different ways

A stream of responses to the Instagram post joked that the top looks like a scarf and asked the brand where would it be appropriate to wear 

A third added: 'It costs WHAT? For a scarf most of us already own and it was a fraction of that price...'

However, others dubbed the design 'gorgeous' and praised ASOS for sharing the model's photo.

'We love a multi use top!,' wrote one.

Another said: 'Oh wow this is so cool'.  

'This is amazing,' commented another. 

Mail Online has contacted ASOS for commented.  

The controversial £55 top is currently available on the ASOS website in UK sizes 8-12 in the colour black (pictured)

Many other responses to the post gushed that the top is 'gorgeous', revealing their appreciation for a multi wear garment 

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