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Shocking moment learner scooter driver uses PAVEMENT to overtake car 

This is the shocking moment a learner scooter driver uses the pavement to overtake a car. 

Dashcam footage that captured the dangerous manoeuvre, which happened in broad daylight, has gone viral online.

The footage shows a busy road during the daytime as the car driver trails behind another vehicle.  

The stream of traffic slows to let a white van travelling in the opposite direction pass by. 

At this point the apparently inpatient learner driver, wearing a white t-shirt and helmet, mounts the curb.

He races along the pavement and speeds past driveways.

Dashcam footage shows the car cruising down a busy road lined with houses

The learner driver, wearing a white t-shirt and helmet, drives onto the pavement

He speeds down the road and past a number of driveways

The driver then weaves back into oncoming traffic and continues his journey

The learner driver then weaves back into the flow of traffic - without pausing to make sure the road is clear.  

The video was uploaded by Malik Walkton on Twitter who said: 'Can't believe the lad on the bike did this! He needs to keep his L plates on a bit longer.' 

Anyone aged 16 or over can apply for a licence to ride a moped and must take their test within two years. 

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