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Shocking moment bus smashes into SUV in massive crash

Shocking footage shows the moment a bus smashed into an SUV after the car pulled out of a junction into the path of a double decker.

Two air ambulances were flown out to the A682 Manchester Road in Burnley after three people were injured in the crash on Sunday afternoon.

Dawn Smith, whose husband was driving the bus, revealed he is recovering, saying: 'I can’t honestly believe from what I’ve seen that I’ve got him home with me and the kids.' 

Dashcam footage from another vehicle showed the moment a blue car, which appears to be a Range Rover, pulled out of a junction - seemingly oblivious to the towering oncoming bus.

The passenger side of the car then crashes into the front of the bus.

The double decker is sent careering across the wrong side of the road, narrowly missing the oncoming car filming the incident, before crashing into a wall.  

Local resident Hannah-Louise Ormerod wrote on Facebook: 'The bus ended up in our garden and took down a stone wall and three trees.'

A bus driver was left 'beaten up but breathing,' his wife says, after a blue SUV pulled out on his double decker while travelling along the A682 in Burnley yesterday

The force of the crash sent the vehicle flying, as the bus careered toward oncoming traffic. Two air ambulances were called out to the crash, with at least one person suffering serious injuries

Glass and debris from both vehicles line the carriageway, as the force of the crash spins the SUV around so it was facing the opposite direction.

A passenger behind the camera shouted 'Jesus Christ,' as the crash unfolded before their eyes.

The driver then urges them to call the police, as he reverses away from the scene.

Dawn Smith, the bus driver's husband, wrote on Facebook: 'That’s my hubby driving the bus. He’s in a bit of a beaten up state but breathing. I hope everyone else involved recovered ok. I can’t honestly believe from what I’ve seen that I’ve got him home with me and the kids.'

North West Ambulance Service said at least one person had suffered serious injuries in the crash.

A spokeswoman from NWAS said: 'We were called to a road traffic collision at 1.11pm yesterday between a bus and a car.

With the vehicle still spinning, debris was sent flying across the road, as oncoming traffic slowed to a halt to avoid the crash

The bus is forced to cross onto a grass verge, but viewers have praised the driver for managing to keep it upright following the crash

'We sent three ambulances, two air ambulances and two rapid response vehicles.

'Two patients were taken to hospital, at least one of whom had suffered serious injuries.' 

Lancashire Police confirmed they were called to the crash, no arrests have been made thus far.

The bus came to a halt after ploughing into a wall at the side of the road. One neighbour saying the bus ended up in their garden

Footage of the crash has been shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook, with many viewers left baffled as to how the crash could happen.

Mark Cooper commented: 'That bus driver deserves a massive praise if that had tipped that would be a different story altogether.' 

Matthew John Leahy added: 'Jesus how that bus stayed up is amazing... that car driver didn’t even look before coming out.'

Emma Clarkson said: 'I seriously hope the bus driver is ok!! No way was that their fault! You can clearly see it’s the driver of the blue Vehicle that is to blame for this! That bus driver deserves a medal.' 

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