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Shocking moment 'a trans woman is deliberately run down' by motorist

This is terrifying moment a trans woman was 'deliberately' run down by a motorist in southern Brazil.

Video footage of the incident shows the victim walking down a sidewalk in Cambé, Paraná, on Saturday before the vehicle appears out of nowhere and plows into her.

The impact of the hit-and-run accident sent her flying into the air before falling to the ground.

Still image of victim who was plowed into by a motorist in Paraná, Brazil, on Saturday. Authorities claim the driver could have intended to harm the pedestrian

Security camera registers the moment a motorist in Brazil jumped on a sidewalk and mowed down the trans woman

The driver subsequently almost crushes her leg before driving off the sidewalk and speeding away.

After lying on the ground for at least 20 seconds, the victim stands up and jogs across the street and disappears from the surveillance camera's view.

Military Police suspect the driver possible deliberately hit her and intended to cause harm after reviewing the video, according to Brazilian outlet G1.

A Good Samaritan followed the suspect to a home and provided the address to the police. However, the motorist had fled by the time the police arrived. 

The Civil Police refused to provide additional information because of the ongoing investigations. 

After lying on the sidewalk for several seconds, the hit-and-run victim was able to get up and run across the street. The driver remains at large, according to Brazilian authorities

Brazilian authorities reviewed the video footage and claimed the driver might have hit the pedestrian on purpose

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