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Sharon Stone revealed she 'couldn't function' after losing the custody of her son Roan in 2008

Sharon Stone has opened up about her custody battle over her son Roan following her 2004 divorce from journalist Phil Bronstein. 

The Basic Instinct actress, now 63, lost her appeal to have primary custody of her son Roan, then eight, in 2008, four years after her split from Bronstein. 

She has now releasing a book, titled The Beauty of Living Twice, where she reflects on her career and personal battle, including a life-threatening stroke that brought her career to a halt in 2001, when she was 43.  

Speaking to Saga magazine in an interview published next week, the Hollywood star revealed she 'couldn't function' after losing custody of her son, and would spend her days crying. 

Hollywood actress Sharon Stone, 63, has opened up about her custody battle for her son Roan following her 2004 divorce from journalist Phil Bronstein. Pictured with her son Roan in April 2004

Stone, who lost primary custody of her son in 2008, and was only granted monthly visits, said she could do nothing but 'cry,' at the time and couldn't think of anything else but get her child back in her arms (pictured with Roan in 2019)

'After I lost primary custody of Roan, I couldn’t function. I just lay on the couch. I was so damn tired. I would cry,' she said.  

'I couldn’t focus on anything but having my son back in my arms. Nothing else mattered, just getting him back,' she added.

Stone has since then signed a confidentiality agreement about the custody battle. 

The star was married to Roan's father, Phil Bronstein, now 70, from 1998 to 2004. 

Bronstein, pictured in 1999, was married to Stone from 1998 to 2004, when the pair split and entered a custody battle for Roan

At the height of his career, Bronstein was a well-known war correspondent and investigative journalist, who was a finalist for the Pultizer Prize for reporting on the fall of Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos in 1986.   

Stone wanted a family with Phil, but had trouble conceiving. The star suffered three miscarriages before the couple adopted Roan in 2000.  

After her life-changing stroke in 2001 and the fallout of her marriage three years later, the couple entered a bitter custody battle, which Stone lost. 

Court papers circulated at the time revealed that Stone wanted to put Botox in her son's feet to keep them from smelling, and the judge reportedly said Stone's 'overreactions' to medical issues were a painful 'problem' for the child, Hello Magazine reported. 

Stone and Roan are due to star in a film together in 2022. Now 21, Roan is making his first steps in Hollywood (pictured in 2019)

'Moreover, because it has come to a point where Father basically tunes Mother out because she has overreacted to so many alleged medical problems in the past,' the judge added in the court papers.    

Phil was awarded primary custody, with Sharon getting visits from her son every month. 

Now 21, Roan is making his first steps in the acting world, and will star in What About Love, with Andy Garcia playing his on-screen father. 

Following the divorce, Sharon went on to adopt her son Laird in 2005 and her daughter Quinn in 2006. 

She hasn't remarried since, and made headlines in 2019 when she was blocked from dating platform Bumble after creating a profile that was thought to be a catfish. 

Reflecting on love in the Saga interview, Stone said she felt she 'deserve a loving relationship,' and said:'I have a greater understanding of what that is than ever before.   

She added she had learned from her years of dating, quipping the most successful men are often the 'least available for a relationship.'

Speaking candidly of her dating experience, she also said she dated 'liars and charlatans.' 

‘I learned a lot about men and their behaviour – that men who are the most successful are often the least available for a relationship, and the least thoughtful. Some were quirky, and nice and interesting. Others were liars and charlatans.’

Her book the Beauty of Living Twice, which was released on March 30 caused a stir upon its publication. 

The actress left no things unsaid in the work, which spanned her career, personal life and family life. 

Opening up about her career in the boo, the actress revealed she was misled into doing the infamous Basic Instinct vagina shot (pictured with her son Roan in 2019)

She also revealed she had several negative experiences working in Hollywood, and that the notorious Basic Instinct scene was unplanned. 

In the thriller starring Stone and Michael Douglas, the actress shocked audiences by uncrossing her legs during a police interview, revealing she had no underwear on. 

In the book, Stone revealed she was told to take off her underwear because it was reflecting the light, and she was reassured her crotch wouldn't be seen. 

Upon watching the movie for the first time and realising she had been misled, Stone revealed she slapped director Paul Verhoeven before calling her lawyer. 

She eventually allowed for the movie to be released, citing it was 'right' for the character. 

Dutch Paul Verhoeven denied the fact Stone didn't know of the vagina shot in 2017, saying she only had an issue with it after watching the preview film with other American people.  

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