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Shameless prisoners show off their Sunday roast dinner in illegal footage shot behind bars

This is the shocking moment shameless prisoners show off their Sunday roast dinner in illegal footage shot behind bars on a smuggled phone.

The video was captured by a Liverpool man who slams the food being laid out for them, referring to it as 'HMP Toby Carvery, s***hole'.

Inmates can be heard talking amongst themselves and laughing at the prisoner who is describing what is on offer.

At the beginning of the clip, a man with a Liverpudlian accent describes each tray, mocking the items which have been cooked up by the inmates at the unknown jail.

The video showed what the prisoners would be having for their Sunday lunch (roast beef above)

Speaking about a large pile of what appeared to be chicken legs, he said: 'You've got pigeon here, you've got jock spud, bit of onion gravy, Yorkshire pudding and... dog food.'

The clip also shows that prisoners have an option to have vegetable curry with rice.

It has not yet been revealed what prison the footage was taken at, but the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) said it was not believed to have been taken inside HMP Liverpool.

Illegal footage taken inside prisons is becoming more and more common as inmates find new ways to smuggle phones into their cells.

During the video the prisoner can be seen mocking the dishes that were prepared by other inmates

Yorkshire puddings and other food items were on off for prisoners, as well as a vegetable curry 

A few months ago, prisoners from Liverpool were seen and heard in a number of clips taken at jails around the country, which showed other inmates on drugs, a pigeon that had allegedly been spiked with spice and videos which showed vulnerable men being abused and attacked.

The MOJ have previously said that they 'will never tolerate' mobile phones behind bars and have invested £100m in prison security to stop drugs, weapons, and phones from entering jails.

In May 2018, it was revealed that one in five prisoners at HMP Liverpool were in possession of a mobile phone, or had had a SIM card confiscated in 2017.

At the time, a former prison worker admitted to the Liverpool Echo that phones were a 'huge problem' at the prison as they made bringing contraband in 'very easy'.

'They can sit all night with unlimited access to the internet and make voice calls. The big part of being in jail is you are cut off and denied your liberty. With the spread of mobile phones that's completely irrelevant.

'It's difficult to keep order in jail because staff are outnumbered. If prisoners don't take the authority seriously, it makes a joke out of the whole system.

'People see [videos posted on social media from inside jail] and they are less frightened of jail, they think their mates are having a whale of a time.'

Although the video was not captured there, those in charge at Walton prison have outlined the steps they are taking to crack down on those bringing contraband into the jail.

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