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Senior officer at nuclear police force faces the sack

The chief gun officer at the Civil Nuclear Constabulary could be sacked after he was accused of wearing fake military medals including Iraq and Afghanistan military ­campaign ribbons at an awards ceremony. 

Supt Glenn McAleavey, Force Firearms Officer for the Civil Nuclear Constabulary allegedly wore the ribbons on his tunic, despite never having served in either war zone. 

The 37-year-old, who is a former Royal Marine ­commando, was reported by another former marine at the event, it is understood. 

Supt Glenn McAleavey (pictured) could be sacked after he was accused of wearing fake military medals including Iraq and Afghanistan military ­campaign ribbons at an awards ceremony

Supt McAleavey's case will be heard by a gross misconduct disciplinary panel. 

He is accused of breaching honesty and integrity standards and discreditable conduct. 

 McAleavey served in the Royal Marines for four years before leaving in 2007 to become a firearms instructor. 

He now oversees the CNC's £39million training facility at Sellafield, Cumbria.

A source told The Sun: 'It's a close-knit force and people are shocked at the allegations against Glenn.

'I'd be surprised if he's worn medals that he shouldn't have worn.

'It would be crazy if he has thrown away his career for something so stupid.

'He's a former Marine.

'He has nothing to prove.'

The CNC is responsible for providing law enforcement and security at any relevant nuclear site in the UK. 

It also maintains a state of readiness against any possible attack on a licensed nuclear site.

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