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Self-ice-olating! People share snaps of their VERY impressive snowmen

Britons showed off their snowman-building skills yesterday as vast swathes of the country enjoyed up to six inches of the white stuff, swept in by an Arctic ice blast. 

Several constructed tributes to Bernie Sanders - who became a viral sensation last week when his unenthused image from Joe Biden's inauguration at the Capitol was superimposed onto historical photos and movie stills.

Another showed off an impressive ice sculpture of Yoda, while some dressed their snowmen in their football team's strip.

Naturally there were a few considerably more PG efforts, including the return of the now infamous 'Wandsworth Willy' in south west London.

Snow revellers in Acton, west London constructed this frosty homage to US politician Bernie Sanders, who achieved meme status last week thanks to his unenthused appearance at Joe Biden's inauguration

Yet another snow tribute to Bernie, this time by a man in Derby (let's hope he didn't forget to retrieve his glasses)

Twitter user Pep, from Wolverhampton, shared this image of a 'gender neutral snow person' built by his wife and children while he 'stayed inside in the warm'

It's the abdominal snowman! A member of the Sh*t London Facebook group shared this shot, taken at Brunel University in Uxbridge

A resident in south west London took this shot of the 'illusive Wandsworth Willy' which reportedly returned after first making an appearance following a previous snowfall

A Derby resident shared this image of a 'Covid-safe' snowman wrapped in a shawl and wearing a protective face mask

There didn't appear to be a great deal of snow in central London, with a member of the Sh*t London Facebook group sharing this effort from the banks of the River Thames

A Yoda, they built! This impressive sculpture of the Star Wars character was spotted in a London park

A resident of Wrexham, Wales shared this image of their patriotic snowman donning a Welsh hat - and a face mask

A Londoner constructed this snow-woman, paying particular attention to her locks, eyelashes and... bust

There was no mistaking which Premier League side this football-loving snowman in Liverpool supported

A resident of Turnpike Lane in London couldn't help but lower the tone with these roadside snow sculptures

According to a Hackney resident, there wasn't much snow in the east London borough - though this industrious snowman builder worked with what they had

A Nottingham-based mother told how she and her children made this snowman yesterday with the help of other children on her street - and magically overnight, a snow dog appeared next to him. However, she added: 'Less magically, it appears said dog has peed up his master (see bottom left)'

Meanwhile this sheepdog in London was captured taking a loo break right next to someone's snowman effort

This Wrexham resident must have been walking in the air after this stunning effort inspired by Raymond Briggs' The Snowman

Twitter user Meg, who lives in Loughborough, shared this impressive snap of the 8ft 6in snowman she managed to build (though we suspect she may have had a little help)

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