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Sean Connery's younger brother Neil who starred in spoof James Bond film has died at 82

Sean Connery's brother Neil has passed away, just seven months after the 007 star's death.

Younger sibling and fellow actor Neil, who appeared in spoofs based on James Bond who Sean famously played, passed away aged 82, following a long illness.

Neil starred in the James Bond spoof Operation Kid Brother, in which he played 007's sibling, and 1969 movie The Body Stealers. He also featured in an episode of Taggert in 1989. 

Speaking about how his brother felt about Neil leaving his job as a plasterer to get a job in acting, notably a film poking fun at the Bond franchise in 1967 movie Operation Kid Brother, he said: 'People have said that he doesn't like what I'm doing, but I think he realises I'm no danger to his career.   

The two brothers - although seven years apart in age - looked and sounded very much alike

'He's an established actor, and I've seen all his films and enjoyed every one of them...He wished me luck, and I know he's interested in how I make out.'  

Seven years younger than Sean - who passed away aged 90 last year, Neil used to lean on his brother for acting advice during his brief time in the industry. 

Neil once said: 'I remember the advice Sean gave me; Take it easy, make sure everything is in black-and-white before you sign it and ensure it's to your advantage.'

Neil and Sean were close growing up in a working class area of Edinburgh.

Sean (pictured) was seven years older than Neil, who is said to have been very upset after his death last October

Legendary actor Sean gave his younger brother suits and shoes and once gifted him a new Jaguar.

But Neil claimed Sean had burned out the engine and he subsequently sold it for scrap.

Neil's friend Steve Begg confirmed Neil's passing on Facebook, writing: 'My good friend and Edinburgh drinking buddy Neil Connery passed away early this morning, I am sad to report. 

'He considered me a lackluster challenge when it came to the drinking stakes but I considered him with respect.  

'He looked and sounded like his big bro so going out with him was always interesting to say the least. Miss you Neil.'

Neil Connery (right) appeared in the 1967 spoof Operation Kid Brother, in which he played 007's sibling

Neil leaves his wife Eleanor, plus two daughters Martine and Leone.

In October, Eleanor revealed how upset her husband was following the James Bond star's death and his sense of loss was compounded at not being able to travel to be at his brother's side. 

Speaking from the bungalow they shared in the suburb of Corstorphine, she said 'He's just very upset at losing his only brother.' 

'He would've gone but, of course, given the times we're in, nobody can travel anywhere for any reason so that's upsetting too.

Eleanor revealed Neil was also battling a 'tummy bug' at the time and was informed of his brother's passing by Sean's son, Jason.   

Neil once said that his brother gave him acting advice. He said Sean told him; 'Take it easy, make sure everything is in black-and-white before you sign it and ensure it's to your advantage.'

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