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Scorned lover takes revenge by spending £500 worth of films tiled Liar and Deceit on ex's account

A scorned lover took revenge on her cheating boyfriend by spending £500 on his Amazon account buying films with titles like Liar and Deceit.

Lauren Lilley, 29, caught Nathan Smith seeing another woman and ended their two-year relationship last November.

The single mother said she spent days crying over the break-up, but plotted revenge after realising she was still logged into his Amazon account.

When her ex called over the transactions, she told him: 'Don't f*** with a good woman.' 

Lauren Lilley and Nathan Smith split up last November after she discovered he had been cheating on her. As revenge, the mother-of-one bought £500 worth of films on his account

The mother-of-one claims she had a 'gut feeling' something was wrong before she checked his phone while he slept, discovering he had been unfaithful.

After throwing Nathan out of her home along with his belongings, Miss Lilley said she initially cried for days.

However she soon realised she was still logged into his Amazon account.

The nurse then decided to exact revenge by 'hitting him where it hurt,' splurging an eye-watering £500 on the movies - many from Bollywood using Amazon Prime - while sat in bed 'crying and laughing'.

Miss Lilley, 29, told her ex 'Don't f*** with a good woman,' after using his Amazon account to buy films including Ugly, Liar, and Deceit

She claims her ex has since been in touch to 'commend' her for her creative vengeance, calling it 'f***ing brilliant' and admitting he would never forget it.   

Mr Smith, 26, admits it was 'fair enough' that Lauren wanted to get back at him over his actions but says thankfully only £245 of the £500-spend went through as his bank realised the transactions were not his.

Miss Lilley, from Salisbury, Wiltshire, said: 'It's creative way to get back at someone. I had fun doing it.

'I'm definitely going to tell the grandkids about it. I can even pat myself on the back for it because it was pretty funny. 

'I bought him Cheater, Deceitful, The Unworthy, Liar. The names of these Bollywood films were great.  

'Two weeks later he called me up and was like: "You know what, I did deserve this, that was the best way and most hilarious way anyone's got back at me, you should be proud of yourself." 

'I was like: "It's just who I am. Don't f*** with a good woman". 

'I knew he'd eventually get refunded. In the meantime, I knew his a**e would drop through and he'd be gutted that his bank balance was dented.'

Miss Lilley spent hundreds on films and series she knew her ex would not like 

Despite being proud of her revenge, Lauren admits it was 'the worst betrayal'.

Lauren said: 'It didn't help the situation - I'm still healing. But I can look back and think: "He won't forget me, ever."' 

Nathan had been at work at the end of November when he claims he received a call from his bank's fraud squad, warning him of suspicious activity on his account.

Nathan, from North Yorkshire, said: 'It didn't surprise me when I got the notification. Lauren can be very manipulative.

'The DVD thing was quite refreshing considering what she normally does.

'When I saw the names of the DVDs, I thought it was quite hilarious. I handled it with good humour.

'She was trying to get back at me. It's fair enough. It was quite understandable.

'We're both away from each other [now]. [I have an] easy life.'

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