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Scientists at Wuhan lab admit being bitten in cave which is home to Covid-infected bats

Scientists at the Wuhan lab admitted being bitten while collecting samples in a cave which is home to coronavirus-infected bats. 

One researcher said one animal’s fangs went through his rubber gloves ‘like a needle’.

Staff inside the top-secret facility were also shown handling bats without gloves and working on ‘live viruses’ without masks in apparent breach of strict World Health Organisation safety rules on PPE, according to footage captured by a Chinese TV crew and broadcast in 2017.

Evidence: Researchers in thin coveralls and rubber gloves handle bats while gathering samples in a clip filmed by a Chinese television crew

The revelations will raise further questions for the WHO team which is investigating the origins of Covid-19 following months of wrangling with Beijing over access to the Wuhan site. 

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