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1. Salmond denounces Sturgeon: 'Scotland's leadership has failed'

Downing Street has been urged to intervene in the escalating Salmond-Sturgeon feud as the former Scottish First Minister accused his successor of leadership "failure".

Douglas Ross, the Scottish Conservative leader, told The Telegraph that the Cabinet Office should investigate whether Scottish civil servants broke the code of conduct in their handling of complaints against Alex Salmond. Read the full story.

2. Single Pfizer vaccine dose could be enough for people who have had Covid, studies show

One dose of the Pfizer vaccine could be enough to protect millions of people who have already had Covid, research by Public Health England suggests.

Scientists said the findings could "potentially accelerate vaccine rollout" if those going for jabs were offered tests to see whether they had antibodies first. Read the full story.

3. How children can order life-altering transgender drugs from their bedroom

Foreign doctors are prescribing powerful sex change hormones to 15-year-olds in England without their parents’ involvement, a Telegraph investigation has found.

GenderGP, an online transgender healthcare services clinic, uses a legal loophole to flout NHS rules to issue valid prescriptions which can then be used to obtain the medication from pharmacies in Britain. Read the full story.

4. Sunak to unveil 'generation buy' mortgages for the young in Budget

Tens of thousands of young people will be able to make it on to the housing ladder under a Government-backed mortgage scheme to be unveiled by Rishi Sunak in next week’s Budget.

Under plans to turn “generation rent” into “generation buy”, the Treasury will offer lenders a guarantee to ensure they can issue mortgages to first-time buyers and current homeowners covering 95 per cent of property value, up to £600,000. Read the full story.

5. Dowden warns Facebook of UK crackdown on Big Tech

Oliver Dowden has told Facebook to prepare for a major crackdown on Big Tech firms, saying Britain's regulators "won't shy away" from intervening in the market.

The Culture Secretary met with Sir Nick Clegg, the former Liberal Democrat leader who is now Facebook's global affairs chief, on Thursday following the social network's shock move to enforce a news blackout in Australia last week. Read the full story.

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