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Sarah Ferguson's killer ex-dresser Jane Andrews' possessiveness 'ate her relationship alive'

The Duchess of York's murdering ex-dresser was was a jealous character whose 'possessiveness ate her relationship alive', her victim's brother has claimed. 

Jane Andrews, 53, was jailed for life in 2001 after battering and stabbing her boyfriend, Tom Cressman, to death with a cricket bat and knife in their west London home after he refused to marry her.    

Appearing on This Morning ahead of a bombshell ITV documentary revisiting the case tomorrow, Rick Cressman said that Andrews never felt 'remorse and sorrow' after the crimes, intentionally 'besmirching' his brother's name at her trial. 

Andrews said that Cressman, 39, had raped her and that she woke to find him hitting her and that in self-defence she hit him with a cricket bat and stabbed him - claims the jury rejected. 

Tom's brother spoke of the early days of the pair's relationship, saying it was clear from the start Andrews wanted to 'possess' her partner in a way that became 'overbearing', before he tried to end their two-year relationship. 

Jane Andrews (pictured with the Duchess of York in 1995) was the royal's dresser for nine years after she replied to an anonymous ad in The Lady magazine

She was jailed for life in 2001 after battering and stabbing her boyfriend, Tom Cressman (pictured with Andrews in 2000), to death

'We'd met on a few occasions,' said Rick. 'At one or two family celebrations. I think the real character was one of possessiveness and I think their relationship was eaten alive by her possessiveness.

'Tommy was a very gregarious, and fun living character who was always the life and soul of a party, and to possess him in that way became overbearing.' 

Tom's mother elderly Barbara would often visit him in his Fulham home, but Rick told it became 'very apparent' that Andrews was uncomfortable with sharing her partner's attention.

'She [Barbara] was a regular at his [Tom's] business and she would try to help him every which way she could', said Rick. 

Tom's brother Rick Cressman appeared on This Morning today ahead of a bombshell ITV documentary revisiting the case tomorrow

He claimed Andrews never felt 'remorse and sorrow' after the crimes, intentionally 'besmirching' his brother's name at her trial

'It became very apparent to her, her presence there was something that was not really enjoyed by Jane. It was a distraction from what she wanted.'  

Two years after her trial, the Court of Appeal refused to accept claims that new psychiatric evidence showed she had diminished responsibility after she alleged she was sexually abused as a child.  

Andrews was let out of prison after just 14 years, before being jailed again in 2018 when she breached the licence of her release. It was claimed that she harassed a married man. 

Rick claimed today that her defences were simply 'an excuse to try and justify murder' rather than showing any regret for her crimes. 

He said: 'Through the trial and appeal his character was besmirched in an excuse to try and justify murder, rather than accept the actual crime and take on some remorse and sorrow for what she had actually done.' 

Speaking of the memories he has of his brother, Rick said: 'Tommy was our absolute pride and joy, he was my mothers real wish, to have a third child in the family.  

Tom's brother spoke of the early days of the pair's relationship, saying it was clear from the start Andrews wanted to 'possess' her partner in a way that became 'overbearing'

'It was a real shock to the system, to still be doing this 20 years later, the royal connection means it never goes away.' 

Andrews became firm friends with Fergie after beginning her role at Buckingham Palace in 1988 - the same year she met former stockbroker Cressman through a mutual acquaintance.  

The pair embarked on a two year relationship, but ahead of Tom's 40th birthday he began having doubts, finding her controlling behaviour more and more difficult. 

'I knew there were frustrations there,' said Rick. 'The way he was feeling very cramped and possessed by her approach. I don't think I would have said there was danger, I don't think that was obvious. 

'But I think Tommy was going through a process, I think he was quite jealous of my family and kids and so on and would have loved to have found himself being married and having a family. But he realised this controlling element of her was something he was finding difficult.' 

In September 2000 the couple holidayed in Italy and the French Riviera. Andrews had expected him to propose to her during the trip, but instead, he told her he had no intention of marrying her.  

After returning to the couple's Fulham flat on 17 September, they began to argue heatedly. Cressman called police, warning that ‘somebody is going to get hurt’, but no officers arrived.  

Jane Andrews, pictured left in 2015 following her initial release from prison for the murder Mr Cressman, started her role at Buckingham Palace in 1988 - the same year the Duchess (right) gave birth to eldest daughter Princess Beatrice

'I think Tommy in those circumstances was really being abused by her,' said Rick. 'Ever since then, I think the police really act quite differently to a man being under pressure, I think it was dismissed up until this situation. 

'Tommy was pleading for help from the police which we know didn't come and that's a great shame'.   

Following the 'brutal' murder, Andrews went on the run, sending out diversionary text messages to friends inquiring about her lover's whereabouts and well-being. 

'I think it was obvious rather quickly', said Rick, 'The fact she was nowhere to be seen it was pretty obvious. She made excuses and even on the phone putting out text messages. 

'She knew what had happened  but she was inherently one to try and lie and cover up and conceal what she had done, which was a brutal, brutal murder.'   

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